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Samsung D500

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  • adam

why do people think d500 is so good everyone ahs it ya......but its rubbish best camera phone no!!!!!!!way!!!!!!!!the best phone out now overall is the sony ericsson k750i thats a superb phone has all the features u need on it it has a great camera to with auto focus what is good the nokia n90 is not a bad phone either that has a great camera too

  • Marsha

How do I connect my phone to a PC to transfer photos??

  • ANN

i love the samsung d500 but to me i hope there is white color i think it is more attractice

  • hannab

Hi..!! i have had the samsung d500 now for 2days and it is brilliant..!!! my last phone was a motorola and iam soo pleased i changed. the d500 is really expensive when u use pay as you go so i got it on contract which is great..!! it took me quite a while to sort the contract out but in the end it was worth it. the camera is great takes good quality pictures, the sounds r good soo overall i would give this phone 10 out of 10!!! i would recommend it to anyone.!!!!!

  • kRiZ

hi! i had my d500 for a week now.. and im a bit confused of its manual.. i had activated the mms and the gprs but everytime i download a mms or anything that is connected with gprs it always says that the subscriber is unknown.. plus i want to open the phone lock but still i cant..there's no specific code in tyhe manual... unlike in nokia fones that when you activate this and that its done already.. someone pls help.. thanks!

  • Michelle

in a dilemma...whether to choose Samsung D500C or Nokia 7610!!!
As i noe,Samsung D500C can take dwn beter quality of photo..
n for has a memory card which allows me to download much more stuffs..
do u think d internal memory 96MB is realy big enuf?
plz advise...thx!=)

  • mona

the only thing i wanna ask about that is d500 easy 2 use or it is complicated

  • Chelsea


Does anyone know if the D500 will play real sounds as your ringtone?


  • scott hill

yer i brought one 4 days ago, then the thing just stopped working, i;m getting a replacemnt and just wanted to knowo if it was common, oh and (i'm very thick with this sorta stuff) can somebody please tell me how to get an mp3 file onto my phone, what software i need and how to do it, cheers people, scott

  • Angel

Hey Guys, i've had my D500 4 about 4 days now.Im very happy with the phone its absolutely gorgeous. But...I must say im a bit dissapointed coz D500 was(as i've heard SUPPOSED TO BE the best camera & video recording) Its not that wonderful 2 me @ all. Is it something im doin wrong or what.PLS HELP!!!!! THANK YOU ANGEL

  • maze_me

Anyone, please teach me how to send my photos through email.. unlike the nokia, when we send email it will automatically send thru GPRS.. in D500 they will ask us to make an accout first.. and i dont know how... please help me... thanks a lot..

  • andy

anyone know how to add mp3 from labtop/desktop?

  • marky

Can anyone tell me the best setting for good quality video on the D500?



1/ Huge phonebook - great!
2/ MP3 Ringtone - very good!
3/ Menu system - very friendly!
4/ Bluetooth - exceptional!
5/ Battery life not long - bad!

Overall excent cellphone!

  • Lee-Ann (CT South Af

I have used many cell phones from various manufacturers, and I have to say that the Samsung SGH D500 is the best one by far. It's small, stylish and has many great features. The 1 hour video recording is the greatest. My only problem is that it doesn't have a photo caller id option. But I can live with that. Once again, Samsung takes the lead!!! I've never been happier.

  • james

its perfect mobile except for me that it doesn't has got Radio option.
Does anybody knows if there is another model similar with also radio?

  • calvin0176

i'm very satisfied with d500. to put mp3 to d500, just enable ur bluetooth and try sending the mp3 to d500 via bluetooth. d500 may ask for a passcode, and just type in 1234 or any code u want, just be sure u use the same code for the computer. anyway, it will automatically put the mp3 in the right folder. d500 best phone ever!

  • shadi

To Marky:thnx alot.

  • Natasha

Hello everyone. Please tell me wich USB Data cable is right for Samsung D500. I bouht one, model KQ-U8A + a disc with software. USB port sees the phone, but part of software "File Director" does not work. The error mass. says that is off line and try to switch ON. I dont know what else i should activated/ Maybe it's about my phone? Any opinion will be very helpfull to me. Thank you for responding.

  • Ali

Message for ANGEL - I used to work for Nokia and the rules on battery are - always charge it for a good 24hrs when you first receive your phone - that way you charge all the cells. Then when you need to re-charge, it is always best to let the phone run out of battery and then charge it - if you keep charging it randomly you kill off the battery cells and your battery life is shortened. Hope this helps :)