Samsung D600

Samsung D600

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  • Rope

Great phone,i have this phone more than 3 years and i never had problems,slide is perfect,camera rocks and very quick phone..battery is only problem to people,but i dont mind,i charge him every nigh..this phone is better than a lot lot newest phones,and its Beautifulllll red color,all about me

  • sara

fun, 09 Oct 2008welcome to http://forum.samsungpro.ruthanks alot for the website>>>>>>>>>>>>>>but i have a small problem!!!!!
i can not understand any thing
i entered the non russian department but i was not able to register and write new page to ask about my mobile>>> can you plz help me
thnx again

  • fun

sara, 06 Oct 2008hay can any one help me ? i entered the code *#8999*8378# and c... morewelcome to

  • sara

hay can any one help me ?
i entered the code *#8999*8378# and change its code and spioled all sound setting, but recentle i was able to have back my first settings and all sounds returned normal except for mute state in mp3 player and video player, when i adjust it to mute state it still play sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can any one to help me?

  • sara

i had samsung d600 for two years>>>really it is ecxellent, beautiful, intelligent, fast working, very strong "it had felt on the floor for approximately 30 times or more and still worg very god, it has excellent resolution, the only 2 problems i have now:
1-short battery time"1 day after full charge for moderate using"
2- boring "this defect belong only to me"

i'm thinking buying samsung u900? what is about batery? can any one help me?

  • gotse

super telefon

  • bobbly

ths phone rocks. i used to have ne but it went swimmng

  • Dr.Muhammad

this is my lovely mobile, its really a good phone .....

  • mamo

i adore this is gorgeous and the cam is incredible

  • m.m.m

it is wanderfull

  • Ragu

I had this phone for over 2 years and I love it! thinking of getting innov8.

  • Eva

Vincent Van Troy, 27 May 2008yes you can, actually HOWEVER, you need to update your firmwa... moreHallo Vincent; how did you manage your 2gb card in the d600?? How did you manage an update??



zana, 27 Aug 2008this mobile is very cool very nice. this mobile is the best of a... morei have to do a task about D600.i choose this phone because i have a d600 nd i love my phone very much

  • me

sarah, 18 Aug 2008can someone explain how I copy all contacts to sim??? You can not / Ne mozes / No puedo/ He mowec /

  • zana

this mobile is very cool very nice. this mobile is the best of all mobiles. okkey i say this mobile i buy for my brother fot birthday.

  • sontichai

I bought D600 today for my sister.I take it at $114.28 in Thailand

  • Anonymous

how can i use java world in my samsung d600e

  • pina

how can i install the software

  • y9yuiy

can anyone explain to me how to instal the games

  • JS

Robert, 12 Aug 2008hey guys i have a problem... can u please please help me get aro... moreYou should install its software first. You can view your files through the samsung software, not through window explorer. And one more thing, you can't view your files that saved in your external card