Samsung D600

Samsung D600

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  • Davide

To the person with the wap down limit of 1mb.Please use your internet settings in Java.

  • Michael

Good phone and very happy with it. Can someone reply to me to help me get rid of'DNS ERROR'? Thanks heaps

  • Delgado

the biggest memory card that you can place in this phone is 1GB but some people told me that they use 2gb in the phone. But most d600 only accept 1gb

  • Vladimir

Which is the biggest memory card that you can place in this phone?Is it 1GB the maximum?Please answer and thank you!

  • DJ

Its a great phone. I have the chrome version and its fantastic. So what if battery doesnt last - charger it. Once you have a memory card the phone can do anything. Longer videos, more space.

  • D600 lover

to samsung,,please re release this iconic fone with a bigger battery life @ xtra themes and call it d600 x or something because this is a gorgeous fantastic loveable device..I know theirs the d900 e900 & so on but its got to be like this with the same identical shap,,size etc..thank you d600 lover

  • addz

GREAT PHONE. opted for the re-issue of the d600 instead of the d900 & e900. almost the same features. 3g is not impt here just yet. i won't use the phone for internet browsing anyway... charges soars.

after 4 months of usage, am very satisfied... happy with it.

  • Alfie

gr8 phone but i cant get my browser to work its always unavailable. But otherwise fantastic phone!!

  • Anonymous

can any body tell me y this phone does nt download more than 1mb from net. . .PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ people help me.

  • michael

your welcome pinoy fan.

well, yes. it doesnt have themes but only colour skins. blue and red.

you can adjust the screen brightness but not the keypad backlight.

sa backlight, the only setting is the time limit wherein the lighting is switched on, before it goes off.

  • pinoy fan

thanks for the reply sir michael ^_^

so the d600 can adjust backlight ei?

the only thing missing here is that it doesnt have the ability to change themes?

well it's still a fantastic piece overall thanks alot sir michael god bless ^_^

  • Kristin Waters

I've used my D600 for almost 2 yrs. I luv it!!! I had a software problem to start but now it's great. I use it a lot and the battery last +- 4 days. Well Done Samsung!!!

  • michael

the keypad backlight can not be turned off completeley. try daylight saving in world map.

  • michael

the brightness levels of d600 is up to 5, so 1 is the lowest. it only have 2 default color schemes.

  • pinoy fan

elo sirs up to what extent can you adjust the d600's backlight function? can you adjust it to turn it off completely so that you can save battery while using the phone in braod daylight?

can you change themes of the fone?

any response will be greatly appreciated thanks sirs/maam ^_^

  • JustMe

well...some phones can be used as a webcam nokia 6600 foe example but i dont know if d600 can be used as well :D


Wat JUSTME. wat u talking friend. . where u hear that it can use as PC WEB CAM. . .its really amazing. .

  • JustMe

Anyone heard or know if its possible to use ur D600 as a pc webcam?

  • Anonymous

If you cant receive pictures, its most likely because you havent activated your mms with your provider. This can usually be done over the net or if not just give them a ring.

  • Anonymous

i dont know why people are so damning of this phones battery life. I use my phone minimally few msgs (probably average 3 a day weekdays, +1 or 2 phonecalls), i only turn bluetooth on when i want to actually use the bluetooth (probably three times a week), and turn it off when i sleep (unless you need it as an alarm clock, i dont see why you would leave it on) and i can go over a week without charging it. Even if left on 24/7 i still get at least 4-5 days of useage. Overall very happy with the phone, leaves my old nokia for dead