Samsung D600

Samsung D600

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  • GasMcCloud

My phone does not ring right away. For some reason for the first two rings it is silent and kicks in on third ring. Is there anyway to make it ring immediately?



  • john smith

This is probably the best phone i have ever used!!!!! Samsung LCD screens are the best crisp-sharp reolutions ever!
Loads of features...would recommend!

  • elliot

i tried da thing to increase the volume using *#8889...... thing and i didnt work nd its messed me fone up does n e 1 no a way or the original numbers that are supposed to be in there for me to get it back the way it woz thanks

  • RubberyLover

Because i believe the USB feature is only v1.0, which runs at aprox 40-50Kbps

  • GasMcCloud

Why does it take so long to transfer music from my computer to the phone?

Thanks thanks thanks

  • GasMcCloud

Finale Question. Listening to music without head set sounds crappy. It must be a mistake on my side. Is there a way to make music louder. With out head seat. hope so. Tell me what to do. I am 78 years old technology is strange to me. ubarugbdgbuii

  • GasMcCloud

How do you get the speaker phone to work. I am old man and can't figure out these darn instructions.

  • GasMcCloud

How dou you add contacts from your old phone to new one?

  • GasMcCloud

Just got my D600 and was wondering if there are any updates i need to make in regards to software and drivers.

Does anyone know how to hook it up to cingular?


  • Ry

To adjust volume, type *#8999*8378# and press send

a menu should come up, go to

H/W test
Audio Settings

and from there you can tweak the volume..
the main settings to look out for are

under Normal/Headset/Loud SPK xxx

Rx PGA which can be set to as high as 255
Rx vol. which again can be set to 255

then under IIS Normal/IIS Headset

Rx vol. seems 0 is loudest here

thats all i did, be sure to write down the previous values incase you screw up. iunno what they do EXACTLY, but my phone is pretty loud now... and mute doesnt mute it xD for some reason volume level 3 is silent now...

anyways... if you turn up the volume REALLY loud, you get typical low quality speaker sounds,.. u know like static-y bass and stuff..

  • bogdan_g

can u increase the volumes of the mp3's??

  • Mike

I was wondering if anyone elses down botton is sensitive when you touch it... mike is broken at the moment, going to fix it tmr

  • Anonymous

I like this phone, but you when you text (without predicitive texting) you can't access the apostrophe unless selecting it in a menu. Also, you have to save every message individually if you want it to go to your outbox. I find this highly annoying. I seem to have problems with recieving picture messages too, but that could be a network problem. The phone has a decent enough camera and some basic editing options. Generally I would recommend it.

  • tj

loads of my friends say that this phone is worse than the e370 is it

  • GasMcCloud

I have just recently purchased a Samsung D600, and it should arrive shortly. Had several questions I hoped an experienced user could answer.

1.What is the appropriate way to charge it? Do I use the initial charge on the phone until it runs out and then fully charge it. Or do I charge it right after getting it. I am just worried about ruining the battery.

2.Does anyone know how to set it up for the Cingular network?

3.Is there a 1gig memory card for it? If so any recommendations.

If there is any other useful info on the phone I would definitely appreciate the feedback


  • Poor Tom

I had this phone stolen so it must be good

  • James

2 access the pics on the comp u put usb port into the computer download the software on the comp easy the only prob weith the phone is the screen scratches really easy be carefull

  • harold bishop

this phone is exceptional in every way....cant recommend it highly enough!!!

  • Anonymous

this D's is the best it rocks but the covers get crack easier so take care of it like its an egg

  • Anonymous

How do i get images taken with my camra phone and get it onto the computer?