Samsung D600

Samsung D600

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  • Vincent Van Troy

have this phone for over a year now

..the battery's not that good

..the rest is working properly, didn't have problems with it

..sound quality from the mobile phone's speakers's not so nice to listen when you play an mp3 file..etc..LOL

  • naveenkumar

exllent phone

  • kajje

I have this mobile phone and it's great but It felt in water ina my bath xD and he brooke it -.- but I love him so i have sony s500i and It is not good

  • Ciprik

My brother got this mobile phone at least 2years and it`s so cool it is a perfect mobile phone like s ericson.Yes I now samsung is better the K310I but also it`s good!

  • darkstar1982_LV

In Latvia Tele2 are selling to mobile phones dealers this phone for 226Ls (about 325 Euro) and for customers buying this for 272Ls (395 Euro). Nice :D


iwas useing d600 2years now but.if got problem whit.the phone thas not have network.if tray every sim card. but the on the phone ilove my my phone.please can u help email is

  • samsung

this is a cool phone agenst 3 years it wos cosing 1200 lt

  • Anonymous

good little phone camra not very good but at least it plays music(not loud)

  • Anonymous

the camera is somethig that your eyes cant believe


i forgot my sim lock

  • Anonymous

The phone would get hot whilst charging and using it at the same time...after a while it wont charge, and the usb kept ejecting itself from the p.c...the next thing was auto restart after a lengthy call..

  • Anonymous

This phone was perfect for camera in 2005 but phone features the k700, k750, v3, n3230, 6630,..beat this phone pants down...rather get a d900...bcoz this phone is dumb in phone functionalities like java, internet, and bad battery indicator n perfomance...

  • sheb

I had it for 2 and a half years!!! and after that, I even sold it!! I miss it!!!!

  • um3r

h3y i have a samsung D600 if someone wana buy it just contakt m3 ..........

  • gigi

it s a very good phone but the battery less then 2 days mmmmm not god

  • Anonymous

I had one... I lost it somewhere :) It survived falling in mud... But the most durable cell what i used was a blue Nokia 3100


steve, 24 Mar 2009does anyone know where i can get some themes for this phone,have... morethe samsung d600 does support themes only wall papers

  • judith

how can i get a D600 screen and how much?

  • Natty

Hi all
I love this phone, after 4yrs its been dropped, thrown about, dropped in water and its still working. Iíve recently brought the Samsung G800 and I prefer my D600 by far, Ok the music player isnít the best but it does everything you could want it to. The camera is very good, settings are easy to configure.

I feel disappointed that I canít write more about it I feel I have not done the phone justice. Just a fantastic phone will keep my G800 as a back phone.

  • Natty

You can block messages, Go to Messages > Settings > Text Message > Block Number and then enter the number, for calls I have not found a way. Hope that helps.