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Samsung D600

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  • Herby

yo, I bought the d600 back in april and have had no problems with it. In my opinion battery life is breathtaking, lasts for days on end with 1 charge however camera, mp3, and vidio ect are thirsty work.superb quality and reliabillity. Questions gladly awnsered*.

*Although not gauranteed to be!
P.S Come on United!!

  • sabba

can sum1tell me can u do video calling on samsung d600e??

  • George

I have a problem. How can I install JAVA apps on my mobile phone from PC. Please help. Samsung PC Studio 3 doesn't have such a function and I don't know how to install apps.

  • Peters

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the quiet mode. My phone is either on mute or vibration mode. I nned to get back to the ring tone

  • misu

tomorow i'll buy the samsung D600 so i am doing the right way?..:D

  • ranma

Hi. I can answer you because I already have 6270 with MANY pbs
I change to choose the D600. Don’t buy the 6270…or you’ll regret it.

  • zinito

Does samsung D600 use a memory card, please reply now cause i wanna buy in few hour?

  • Ali

Justine - you cannot assign an MP3 song as your message alert - you have to use the preassigned ones unfortunately.

Also after pressing full stop the phone does not start the next letter with a capital letter. You are right that you have to press star twice. Bit of a pain in an otherwise perfect phone!!!

  • Hani

hi. can anyone tel whether this phone is worth buying and whether I should buy this or the d500. i have heard bad things about the performance of the d600 and was wondering whether the d500 is more reliable?

  • Anonymous

Hi,it is possible to answer an incoming call without openning the phone in D600 ?

  • babygurl

can anyone tell me how to put a lock on my fone, so that other people cannot read my messages unless they no my password, ino how to get onto the settings bt it asks for a password but i havent got one yet :S confused, please help x

  • Anonymous

Hi, please anybody nows if this D600 have the voice dialing function ???


will anyone help me my phone git the problem of turnig off when im using it


my phone has been a best thing 2 me but suddenly it got a problem that i dont understend

  • Justine

I have two problems:

1. I have had a tune blue toothed to me which has gone into my music folder. I can assign it as a ring tone but not as a message alert. Any ideas on how I can assign it as a message alert please?

2. When I type a txt message and use a full stop, a capital letter does not appear as the next letter - i have to press star twice.


  • baby

i like it!!!!! :)

  • chicken4ever

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  • s3bbah

Another mistery about this phone is the one regarding incoming calls.When I recieve a call,the firs 2-3 seconds are very low,I can barely hear the phone.Is that normal?I had a nokia 6230i before d600 and it had the same issue but in it's case I could hear the phone ringing beacause the first 2 -3 seconds were a bit louder than the 2-3 seconds on the d600.Help me out guys! Please.What can I do?

  • Anonymous

i heve just brought d600 for 2 weeks.
this is a good phone, nothings bad, but this phone has no 3G nertwork.
it is the only disadvantage.
i have a little problem with this phone.
if i send a .jar file (application) into the phone, the phone cannot open it.
it display "unsupported file format".
what should i do to install an application?
could somebody please help me?

  • atanas

I'm researching mobile makret for a few months in depth. I'm looking for THE BEST quality-features/price/size-feel/safity(radiatio­n level) rate. This is the best so far - NO DOUBT.

*Price is much lower than many newer phones with much less features.

*The construction quality and stability is fact said by the costumers, moreover Samsung bet on sturdiness.

*Size is small. Feel and look is good.

*Features are amazing in this small phone - "the most featured non-smarth phone". But non-smarth mean fast speed.

*AND - something important - safity: the SAR rating is only 0.419 !!! For example, nokia n73 is 1.05, sonyericsson k750 is 0.99, nokia 6630 is 0,85! Not bad, a?

* Battery - one of the best samsung's batteries. Well, the batteries of this brand are not fameous with very long life, BUT in the most cases long-life battery means MUCH HIGHER SAR RADIATION LEVEL! Which mean, that the transmition is more powerful becouse of the battery strenght. For example Nokia 3100 with 410h of standby has 0.99 SAR. Samsung D820 with 180h of standby has 0.29 SAR. Do you get it?