Samsung D600

Samsung D600

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  • Fizzy

I hv been using this fone for 1 mth & so far it doesnt give me any problems. No hanging no nothing. The only thing is it traps dust easily and im afraid that someday the dust mite get beneath the screen. If it reli happens, is there anyway we can actually clean it out?

I hv some questions though. How do we set to save the messages we send out to be in the sentbox automatically so that we can keep track?

N when we connect the phone to the pc, after using the program to transfer files, do we just plug the usb cable out?

  • andrew

Please email me abot the message tone problem.Can it be changed with an mp3 or just amr's?PLS help me.Thanks.My e-mail address is

  • Ruth

hiyee...m having problems with camera i mean the image isnt bright its some wat blue in color whn normal sum1 help!!

  • Dean

This is an brilliant mobile phone it is much better than the sony ericsson W550i
Everything about the samsung d600 is great

  • Scooby

Can u set a Sound as a message alert? or is not possible, Great features and it is awsome to use, the book how ever is useless


  • rosu

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  • Katie

Its great. I only got it recently and the sound quality and camera quality is great. The only problem i have had so far is the PC software it comes with doesn't work but you can download it off the samsung website which works. Also the battery already needed charging after a days use but i dont know if it because its new. If you are thinking of buying it i recommend it!!!

  • Elfiemoon

For anyone interested: both the D500 and D600 are very similar. Just last week i upgraded from D500 to the D600 and feel that it is a much better version with expandable memory and a better camera aswell as a TV link. But if you're strapped for cash, the D500 has everything you need. In my opinion you're getting what you pay for, and both are v.good! For a good comparison of the two phones go to:

  • RICH

Hi, I read on this forum that you can block telephone numbers,can someone please tell me how its done.thanks

  • elisa

Wow, this came as a present from my husband for my 30th. I have had the phone now for 4 months. I love it. You know I got married when both my husband and I were students 5 years ago, he said to me do you want the phone or the honeymoon we didnt have, well I guess the rest is history

  • bruman

can u send videos from the pc to the handset and if so how

  • hayley

hi there, do u know if this phone has a screensaver thing?? also, do you know if i can listen to the MP3 at the same time like browse on the MENU??
IF you know, could you email me on please???
so, how many songs can 1G can hold up to?

  • J.P

hey guys,
i have had this phone for about 6months now...
and lemme tell you.. its a 9 out of 10 stars!! its a great phone.. the bluetooth works very well, and fast. also there is very very very little waiting time when you look through your menues, and phone books, and yes, you can upload movies and video clips onto this baby, i have a 1 gb card on it, and i'm watching Family Guy, and Simpsons episodes during class time!! lol
i'm using a Mac Powerbook pro to upload the movies onto the phone, cuz the Powerbook has a bluetooth built into it. If you are a pc, or a normal laptop user, you can purchase a bluetooth USB which is around 60 dollars, and upload anything onto the phone that way! i really love bluetooth, its way way faster than using a USB to transfer!
OVER ALL!!! THIS IS A GREAT PHONE!!! 6months and going, and NO PROBLEMS!!!!

  • andy

i have recently bought this phone and it's great is the best phone i have ever had!!!! it's great!!

  • administrator

To ---Vin0---

Im using a 1GB micro SD card and its working fine. Ive havent tested the max, but 1gb is fore sure.

  • administrator

Too all:
The type of phones card is called micro SD.
you can put your MP3 to the phone trough USB port or a card reader to put the songs directly to the SD card. the card reader is not inluded. For all other assistance contact me. Nice Day

  • Adam Herridge

can anyone tell me is there a way to expand the wallpaper backgrounds so they fill the screen??? if anyone knows how to could u e-mail me plz

  • cpw girl

i have the d600 to get full screen video presss 1 when watching the video cool fone but battery is limited

  • Vin0.

people, people!!!
what is the max memory of this phone?
can it go up to 1gb? i read from here that 512mb is the max, is this true? and also is it user friendly? please response.

  • Anonymous

this phone is a big pain in the ass. whats sooo annoying is when the battery is almost flat, you can't do anything with the phone. and the sonic wellness sound stuff is useless - just being there. d600 only has a relative good screen, nothing else is special.