Samsung D720

Samsung D720

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  • diddy

is this a 3g mobile? if not, wonder if it is compatible with a 3g sim?!?!?

  • anish arora

interesting how it says 'UTMS' under the screen and also, if this phone has a symbian OS, where's the symbian menu key??

  • Anthony

Hi, finally Samsung have produced and phone with Sybian. I was just going to buy the D500 and now I will buy this. Need info. contact me.

  • Anonymous

Any idea on what material is used to build the phone? Its got a metallic look, similiar to the old nokia 8850/8890!!!! If it is metallic then this is going to be one of the hottest phones expected out!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Nice specs! Could use faster data speeds.

  • goran

the phone is phenomenal, it beats opponents in every aspect except it hasn't got edge, why?

  • Bugg

Looks like a great phone with great Spec, shame the Cam not 2.0mp though! and Does the Camera have a Macro function on it for better pics close up or at a distance like my Sharp GX30?

  • _b4g3r_

OMFG, what a phone!!!!
I am in love, thats my next phone!!!

  • Anish Arora

good lookin phone...awesome features...still no edge:(...hopefully it'll be launched soon...