Samsung D720

Samsung D720

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  • mgs

i had but need to repair the service center....mic and speaker and display problem....not working

  • Anonymous

gue mau jual nih... ada yang berani nawar berapa...?

  • Anonymous

Renato Sombrano, 23 Mar 2005I like the design very much of this phone but I like the feature... morereally? watta very ambitious idea? haha

  • cleizie

where could i buy a m2 card?

  • jodhi

of course it can

  • Mary

Can it record video in cif(352*288)?

  • Mary

Can it record video in cif(352*288)?

  • jodhi

hi there... i think this is a good phone... ibought it 3 month ago...and u know what.. the phone is similar like nokia 7610/6630/6600, and this phone used symbian s60 v2.. so we can download themes... The web is perfect rather than N 7610/6630/6600, mostly faster. if we try to download the themes, the aplication work propely and faster than N 7610/6603/6600 because the D720 had 132 Mhz.
To format this phone we can use *#7370#, similar with the otehr symbian phone. I suggest u buythis phone, because the symbyan is stabil...but iam sad about this camera its too yelowis if we printed...the camera ver bad rather than 7610/6630, but it dosnt realy matter i dont need a camera, i bought this phone to use the browser....

  • Kal

I've been using this for last 2 and a half years. It's a nice phone... a bit slow to respond but that's ok for a 2005 smart phone. I had to change the flex cable recently. And its back to normal now. Those who wants to use it for long should get a flex cable..that the first thing that will give you trouble in long run, maybe by then those parts will not be available anymore. It's less than $10 on ebay. Cheers!

  • Joseph Chennoth

I am using this phone since last 9 problem good working..only little issue is about the availabllity of mmc micro memory card.pls let me know from where I will get the 1GB card.In eBay also I searched but no result for mmcmicro..apreaciated if getting item link..Thanks and best wishes for all..

  • Renella

Its a great phone. I had it for 7 months. Theres no problem but except for the WEB. I cant access the internet on it. but i dont need internet...hehehe..and also the memory, too low..MMC - 64 MB while its phone memory is only 12 MB.

  • kapppa

is verry cool:D

  • Husam


I had this mobile more than 10 months.

This mobile support themes , This mobile is a copy of NOKIA 6630



  • ZAM

so dificult to use

  • RaWaN

Dose it support themes ??
and how about the softwear ?! is it Good or full of problems ?!!!

How much dose it cost in $ ??

Thaaaaaaank you everybody

  • masoud

I want to know how to set a screen saver in SAMSUNG D720

  • Anonymous

hey thank you for the advice =)

  • Anonymous

I bought D720 almost 7 months before. The problem with it is that if some body calls me I can hear the ring tone only afer 3 to 5 seconds. If any one knows the problem, pls let me know

  • marcel rymenhout

to stop the blinking go to menu > settings > phone > display > service light

thats it

  • hanna

does anyones' d720 blinks even if in standby mode? mine do blinks every 8 seconds

please notify me if its normal thank you!