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  • Hus@m


I bought D720 few days ago, I cant use handfree, in the spec. written handfree included, please advice

  • Yasin

How can I copy "in phone memory" SMS messages to SimCard? Please help me :S

  • przemmo

Make copy of your phone book (try only). And restore your phone by te codes. But Samsung D720 use the first Symbian system, like NOKIA 7650. That system Is very slowly. My Samsung also starting up app 1 min. I was looking for the good theme. Try to (is helping) And try to clean

  • tie

hey i have a problem with my d720, mine is about 10 months old but it is really really slow nowadays, the startup takes about 1 min. maybe even longer, and also the menu button doesn't work always. should i just hard-reset everthing or is it something else?

  • przemmo

Hello, i read all post and I share with you the best code:
*#9999*0# - service code and in the HELP menu we have all codes for this mobile:
And if we want to clear the phone we just use code:
*2767*2878# reset custom

*#7370# - this is the same (only Shortcut) what we hawe in the phone "restore orginal phone settings"

  • pars

is there anyone able to use handsfree on this phone ? is there realy a handsfree option on this phone? (real handsfree not with headset)

  • kal

@Sasha , do a soft reset to get back to the original factory seetings. Backup your phone(phonebook/calender etc) EXCEPT the SETTINGS, then dial *#7370# It will format back to original, but you will loos all the files. Once you are done connect ur phone and transer the backedup files in the phone.
Hope this help.

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  • Kal

Transfer songs or ringtones to the MMC under "Sound Clips"/"Digital Sounds" or "Tunes".
Then go to contact, open any contact that you wanna assign rigntone. It will show the list. Select the one you need.
Mine works that way.

Please dont blame this phone for being slow. That has nothing to do with Samsung. Its a samsung model, but operationwise truely a Symbian Nokia 6670/7610, which are quite old.

  • passpartout

Guys, why when I set a MP3 as a ringtone , it doesn't show on the phone ringtone list, so when I try to assign a ringtone to a contact it shows only the default ringtones, is there a way to use many mp3 ringtones for many contact names ? Thanks

  • litas

buy siemens a32 and be happy. said that man who hate d720...its a great phone

  • salman

its sikk

  • laeticia

d-720 is bad, ihave it since 3 mouth ago. Its lack of speed, bat is only 1 day live, and last, its even not recogn by samsung it self. in their web, d-720 is not listed. how it can be???


hey guys! i just got this D720! and i am having a huge problem with it! it happend after i opend some kind of voice program, that would read my phonebook names and stuff...i thought it was cool that it actually can read the names in my phonebook and etc, but then my phone turned off and turned backed on its own...and i get this forozen screen...and i can actually hear this voice program running on the background...but the phone keeps shuttin down and turning back up on its own..if anyone knows what the problem might be, PLEASE HELP!!! how do i get it fixed? is there anyway i can completly restore/reset/formatt my phone without actually turning it on? any suggestions what i should try to do? please help!!!

  • sg-girl

hi... i juz wanna know if this phone is being sold in sg??... its looks sleek n the main thing is that its symbian os...

  • Kal

google music video...go to any music video on any video that looks good to you...then go to "tools" in your internet on "Internet option"..> settings..>view sould be there as wma or mpeg or some other format....copy and save it somewhere you want...then use some free softwares to convert them to MPEG4 and transfer them to your phone. Got it?..need help...if you need farher help post it.

  • hamza

pls can someone tell me where can i find free mpeg4 music videos for this phone or some else format that this phone can play? pls

  • Kal

This is the 2nd time that my D720 turned itself off without any reason even when I had 2-3 bars battery.
I had to Remove the battery and put it back to turn it on.

Does that happen to anyone?

  • Kal


Im not sure where did you get that code from, coz D720 is same as Nokia 6670/7610 and the right code for soft-reset is *#7370#.

I would suggest going to series60 site and have a look before doing anything.

  • Junner2003

The code for hard reset on the D720 is the same like on the NOKIA models: *#7780#
Please be adviced that all data on the phone will be lost, even WAP settings, ringtones and installed programs (except the application and themes installed on the MMC)

I hope that helped!

  • Kal


Hard-reset didnt work on mine. I have to soft-format it...and its working fine.

Did you tried soft-format?
The code is *#7370#
Hope this help