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  • melkydude

Guys, does anybody know how to perform hard reset on a turned off D720? combination of buttons "Call" "*" "3" and "on/off" doesn't work. If you can provide me a right combination, I'll send you 2 CDs with soft, themes and ringtones for this smartphone

  • any

Hey Guys,

Just had this phone today and a few problems here. I was transferring a few songs to the phone via bluetooth and all of them went to inbox(message folder) and I could not move them anywhere else besides folders in the message menu. Can I set the default location elsewhere, like memory card ??

  • mikky

I want to know how much memorycard d720 can take because I'm going to buy MMCmicro 1 GB for it but i don't know is it can take or not. Thanks

  • Kal


when you add a contact you have the option to add thumbnail. All you need to do is transfer some small thubnail imges of your contacts and add them up accordingly from contact list. By default it shows as little thubnail next to the phone number at the buttom portion of the screen when you dial/recieve a call.

There are some applications for series 60 that allows you to see the coller ID image in fullscreen though.


  • Nick

you guys talked about photo caller id on this phone, but i don't seem to know where it's at on the menu. can you guys help me out here and tell me where to use that option at?

  • kal


they are all talking about apllications/softwares that you can install in your phone. just google software for series 60 and you will know. I tried installing a full screen caller ID demo..didn't work. Im happy with the phone so far...just looking for a 1gb MMCmicro

  • Paul

im hearing people talking about themes in this phone...what is it and how can i change it..i have this fone but i havent mess around with it features...also does anyone know how to make the phot caller id picutre larger or its the default size b/c its pretty small. also i heard people put gps navigation system in this phone and how does that work?

  • Taimur

Hi,just wanna ask that as itz Os.7 similar to n7610,so why cant i install its applications,softwares,themes into this mobile???also tell me the way to install .sis softwares,themes into dis one...

  • umazel gwapo

hello... can i have a radio software installed in this phone? this phone is very nice! the sound and the form is awesome but the only thing missing is that it lacks camera in front...

  • jojokulit has plenty of themes for D720..just pick any from the 7610 or 6670 will work with D720..

  • McX

does anybody know where to download new themes for this fone?

does anybody know how to use the .utz extension file.. i heard that it is a theme file but i don;t know how to use it..

pls help me :)

  • jojokulit

Where can i find a high capacity memory card for this one!like 512MB or 1G!MP3 player is great!sound is awesome in d headset & works in the background!(almost like the walkman quality!Will 1Gb work on this one!

  • jojokulit

just got this in d philippines, d720 costs as much as N70..Here are d reasons why u shud buy this good-looking, feature rich phone :

1. Symbian OS - Software is identical to Nokia 7610, u can change themes & customize the message alert tone unlike most samsung phones. I downloaded themes for Nokia 7610 & it worked in D720.
2. Piscel Viewer - Unlike most Nokia phones, you can view excel, word files in D720.
3. Sharp Screen - Though relatively smaller than 7610's screen, it is much sharper, typical for samsung.
4. Loud Ringtones - It has two loudspeakers, it is not stereo but is really loud.
5. Flight Mode / Memory Card / Stereo MP3 / USB Mass Storage(no need for drivers)/ Etc.

To make things short, its design & features are both cool. Battery life is ok, reception is great. The bad thing? NO SPEAKERPHONE & No 3G Support nor EDGE. There's no way u can watch video clips from TV.

  • jen

hey kal, is it possible to video stream (like watching tv) in D720?i know it doesnt have EDGE nor suport 3G but i know some symbian phones from nokia (like 3650, 7650, 7610) who can do the trick..they dont hav 3G nor EDGE too..tnx..any complain about this phone?u still hav it or u'r considering changing it soon?:-)

  • Anonymous

Dear All could you plz help with the ringtone....i suppose the D720 delays at the time some1 there any optionto change it....its not kept in ascending on normal ringing

plz help thankxxxxx

  • Kal

@ Jimmy

I was a bit confused just like you, but then I bought mine from plemix's ebay store and they shipped it from Hingkong the next it in 2 days.

However when I was having trouble with my phone they didnt bother to answer back.

  • jimmy

is PLEMIX a good source to get this phone?it has d cheapest price..anyone who has bought this phone from PLEMIX?is d price there already shipping and other charges?tnx..

  • Anonymous

If you had the choice, would you prefer this model, or the D800 in terms of build quality and functionality? Or is there another slider phone under $350 USD that is better?

  • Kal

Sorry about the spelling..I'm in a rush.

  • Kal

@De La Sossa

D720 is running on symbian series 60 lisenced from nokia. Its like a nokia phone wiht samsung look. So samsung softwares wont wokr. There are plaeny of series 60 softwares for everything..but well that comes wiht a little price.


What mobile security software did you install? does it work wiht series 60? Plz chcek wiht the software manufacturer. If it doesnt work and ginving you trouble, uninsatll it. If still your phone dpesnt work properly then you need to set it back to factory default. Post after you do so.


Ypu have to look for MMCmicro. Interestingly if you search D720 memory in google it gives you many sites offering RS-MMC. Thats not correct. There are MMC, RS-MMC, MMC mobile and MMcmicro...D720 wors wi9ht MMcmocro. So far 512mb is available. 1GB-2GB will be available soon.

Yes it is semi-automatic slide. Works smooth.
One thing that is missing in D720 is, unlike D500 it doesnt show time and date after the screen goes back.


I haven't find any free theames so far. So still wiht wiht the default ones That 3-bar battery indicator is standard for nokia phones. I dont think you can find any thesames with more bars. You have design yours i guess. There are some openend programs available in nokia site to craeate your won theames.

Yes the lysics support is like videoke. It is suppoed to show the lyrics while playing songs. But that depends on what file you playing as well. regular mp3 wont do it. I have not much knowledge on that. I belive you have create the song file along wiht the lyrics. Will post later once I find something.