Samsung D780

Samsung D780

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  • Boyeng

Which is better signal the primary sim slot or secondary sim slot?

  • Boyeng

How many hours to charge the battery of D780?

  • Boyrng

BJ, 19 Jun 2009hey can anyone actually tell me if this is just happening with m... moreThats also my problem

  • Yogesh

amit, 20 Apr 2009whts the by default lock code of this phone actually i wanted to... moreDefault Code for samsung is either 00000000 or 11111111...

  • BJ

hey can anyone actually tell me if this is just happening with my phone or is it actually true that you can not receive calls on both the SIMS simaltaneously , i mean the phone is ringing on SIM1 stating HOME Calling and simultaneously receive call on SIM2 Office calling ....

receiving a 2nd call when u r on a call is nywaz possible... ??

kindly reply ??

  • Hashmat

Boyeng, 18 Jun 2009I plan to buy Samsung D780. How is the quality of samsung D780? ... moreI bought recently.
I don't find the voice quality good most of the time. I don't recommend this. Other things looks ok esspecially the dual sim functionality.

  • Boyeng

I plan to buy Samsung D780. How is the quality of samsung D780? About the signal reception?

  • Hitesh

The phone features are quite cool in limited budget if u consider the dual SIM advantage.
I have a Query.
is the SMS memory Limited to 200 only ??? is there a option to select card memory so that more number of messages can be stored

  • rohith

Venkat, 01 Jun 2009How is the battery back up for Samsung D780.battery pack up is very good.

  • rohith

Tony, 09 Jun 2009Please can someone tell me where to get downloads for this phone... moreyou have to download and install both jar file &jad file.this type of files u will get in website.u can try from that site ok.bye.

  • BJ

I purchased it a week back .The phone is overall good as one is xpecting it to be for a dual sim purpose and ease in use rather than carrying 2 phones , the best part is one touch sim switch key you just press it and the sim get switched

All what is mentioned in features is good... but the only BIG DISSAPOINTMENT I GOT THE NEXT HOUR OF PURCHASING IT IS....THAT YOU CANT RECEIVE CALL SIMULTANEOUSLY ON BOTH THE SIMS..THAT MEANS IF SOMEONE IS CALLING ON LINE1 AND THE PHONE IS RINGING THE PERSON CALLING ON LINE 2 WILL GET A BUSY TONE ....BOTH LINE WORK PARALLEY ONLY AS CALL WAITING .THIS IS CRAP CRAP CRAP SAMSUNG HAS BEEN PROMOTING THIS PHONE BY SHOWING ON SCREEN....LINE 1 HOME CALLING LINE 2 WORK CALLING but the truth is that this is not possible ...CRAP ...SPICE phone has this feature can receive calls simultaneously on both the lines and choose which one to pick...grrrrrrrrrr...this is not fair...if u dont have such feature then y do u promote it with it....all the dummies of d780 show the same screen...line 1 home calling line 2 work calling... ..

elsewise all the features are fine for it as a dual sim phone =)

  • Hashmat

I just bought this yesterday, when i use the side switch to switch between SIMs as primary SIM, the phone says it needs a reboot to change primary SIM and then reboots. Is this the right behaviour ? What I read before was we can switch SIMs without reboot.

  • anamika

mary, 27 Apr 2009sim 2 can not send message like sim 1 dat is it is not enbled an... morei want bsnlgprs setting in my handset so pls . how to cnfigure

  • Anonymous

This phone doesn't have any problem either in operation or manufacturing , battery wise.The only thing which i could figured out is that this phone is lacking few applications which are usefull in daily working for office or home purpose, otherwise its a good phone at some higher cost WHICH U HAVE ALREADY PAID IF U OWN THIS MASTERPIECE.....

  • Tony

Please can someone tell me where to get downloads for this phone? Every software I have tried to download is not compactible. It is boring. Please mail me for software or upgrade on

  • Naveen

HI all,

This is a cute looking phone but the features are not so. Though the camera is really good at daylight but really gives blurry results in the night. The phone doesn't have basic feature of turning a incoming call to silent mode. Nokia's message input system is far ahead from this mobile,,,,you often tend to sleep before completing a message. Phone accomodates 2 gsm sim cards but the message memory is 200,,,,sounds so awkward right,,,,,every now and then u will know that ur inbox is full.

By and large,,,,few features are exceptionally good and few of them are worse than a basic mobile phone.

Battery back-up is decent.


  • esse

It's keypad is just ok if you are a guy. The hardness to prevent over sensitivity. All in all for me it's a 9/10 rating.

  • RazinBD

The keypad of this set is very hard... i think i'll loose my finger very soon!

  • d780

Please can someone tell me how to play games?

  • Venkat

SURENDRA PAREEK, 30 May 2009 reaky this is a nice mobile set fo... moreHow is the battery back up for Samsung D780.