Samsung D800 review: A step into high-class

David Polesný, 13 April 2006.

It is low, wide, and attracts sights from all around. It is not Ferrari, nor is it Lamborghini. I am writing about the new Samsung D800 - a luxury flat bar with sliding construction, featuring a display of exceptional quality and pretty rich software equipment.

Key Features:

  • Luxury design and high-quality construction
  • Brilliant display with QVGA resolution
  • Megapixel camera (video of exceptional quality)
  • Good service software; synchronization

Main Disadvantages:

  • No memory card slot
  • Navigation key less comfortable than usual
  • Basic MP3 player features
  • No ringing profiles

Samsung D800 was firstly presented in November, 2005, along with other four mobiles, all of which were marked by their slimness. The mobile operator Vodafone has incorporated the D800 model as a part of its newest handset selection.

Samsung D800 Samsung D800 Samsung D800 Samsung D800
Samsung D800

Considering Samsung D800 a successor of the popular Samsung D600 would be a mistake. D800's equipment is somewhat poorer. Nevertheless, the phone has a first-class construction and simple, modern design. Due to these features and to its interesting software options Samsung D800 is able to fulfill the requirements of even the most demanding customers on the current market. I am sure any decision to buy this mobile phone will be driven rather by emotions than by sense.

Samsung D800 Samsung D800 Samsung D800 Samsung D800
Samsung D600

Black magic

Let me first make straight what I meant by placing exactly this heading at the beginning of this review. The D800 model is not up to getting into the "high society" of gorgeously equipped phones in the literal meaning of this word. Yet, this phone is impressive enough to present its owner at any chic party or meeting.

The first impressions Samsung D800 left in me have not disappeared yet from my memories. This slim slider with chromium-plated edges and glossy black cover does look very luxurious. The overall impression is only spoilt by visible fingerprints and the simplicity of the phone's rear plastic cover, which is pretty short of ideas.

Samsung D800 Samsung D800 Samsung D800 Samsung D800
As if made to be into one's palm

Phone's construction is excellent. The two parts slide smoothly. No creaks. Arrests are ensured by springs, so what you need to do is overcome the primary resistance of the phone. End stops are solid, which makes the phone give out a loud clap, provided you do not stop its move prior to the final arrestment. The easiest way to open the device is to lay your thumb against the bottom edge of its top part. To close the device simply lean you thumb against the lug beneath the display. The keypad gets automatically locked a few seconds after the phone has been closed (unlocking it with closed phone is possible too). It gets automatically activated when the display part slides out.

Samsung D800 Samsung D800 Samsung D800 Samsung D800
Side parts

Phone's dimensions are 97 x 52 x 14.9 mm. It weighs 98 g. Considering the fact that Samsung D800 is a sliding phone, its thickness of 14.9 mm is remarkable. The front cover is completely flat, except for the slightly elevated area beneath the display. The functional part of the keypad is even and flat. No uplifts. The numeric keypad revealed by the sliding part of the phone is level, as well. Fortunately, horizontal chromium streaks dividing the keypad lines are easy to recognize by touch.

Samsung D800 Samsung D800
14.9 mm

Phone's system connector is protected by a cap and is located on the left side of the device Here you will also find a pair of buttons for the earphones volume control. On the right side there is a lonesome button, which activates the camera application. The back is boring. Made of matt black plastic, its only decoration is the manufacturer's logo, quite indistinctive, btw. Samsung D800's Li-Ion battery lies under the phone's removable rear cover. It is said to be able to supply the phone with enough energy for up to 210 minutes of phone calls and 220 hours in stand-by mode. According to my short experience however, Samsung D800 needs to be charged at least once in three days.

Samsung D800 Samsung D800 Samsung D800 Samsung D800
Nothing interesting on the back • antenna is situated beneath this elevated area • access to SIM card

Reader comments

  • Anonymous

the review says d820 has a 2mp camera...but really it has 1.3

  • dd

this review is not that accurate...CHECK IT AGAIN...D800 is way better..

  • gar

nope, no quality.