Samsung D820

Samsung D820

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  • m
  • mike
  • PAk
  • 12 Nov 2005

plz dont launch this phone it is a total loss........ thih phone has got sharp edges no one will but this .........dont launch

    • s
    • sameen
    • Nxs
    • 12 Nov 2005

    samsung phones are getting new features.same old same old.all the phones got same features.the one fone wil hav bluetooth and the other wont.the one will have 1mp camera.the other will have 1.mpcamera.u guys are just changing the design of phones.and enuf with the e700 look.ppl are tired of that better designs.we all know dat nokia phones are getting uglier by the day.but u guys need to make new designs.u got the style waht ppl want but not the same style.get symbian also.its about time

      • J
      • John
      • 4Lj
      • 12 Nov 2005

      They are getting a T809. It is locked to T-Mobile, this phone is not.

        • a
        • anon
        • jSs
        • 12 Nov 2005

        tmobile us is getting this real soon =o)

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • BCp
          • 12 Nov 2005

          is this phone 3g? from the pics it looks like it has a camera on the front face too...??? :)

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • 4Y7
            • 12 Nov 2005

            if i was samsung owner i would fire all designers. what are they doing people should move on. look at this ugly design. i think in the histroy of samsung D600 is unique

              • D
              • DI2010
              • ntg
              • 11 Nov 2005

              Hei All!! Dont you get it? Many have complained Nokia for bad design or something like that but
              the truth is that NOKIA is The Worlds BEST mobilephone manufacturer. LOOK THE FEATURES!!!

                • F
                • FMP
                • k2K
                • 11 Nov 2005

                ss_lover, read carefully. There is a tranflash slot. Too bad it doesn't have flash though

                  • d
                  • daniel
                  • keD
                  • 11 Nov 2005

                  First of all,....the phone has an external card slot..........and 1.3 megapixels is efficient for a phone.......if you want a good camera why not just buy a camera? Why do u need more than 1.3 megapixel on a phone, if you are such a photo fanatic go buy urself a 10MP camera

                    • J
                    • Juny
                    • i2F
                    • 11 Nov 2005

                    I don't get why on earth they don't have external memory!!?? I'ts one of Samsungs weaknesses.

                      • E
                      • EBAYer
                      • 49s
                      • 11 Nov 2005

                      the best phone of 2005, samsung d600
                      + moto razr
                      = samsung d820!!!

                        • C
                        • Crock
                        • Tj%
                        • 10 Nov 2005

                        Here's what I don't understand.

                        Two new slim phones from Samsung, right. One of them (the D800) looks prettier and (forgetting the fact that it's only a 1.3MP cam) gets a flash.

                        The other (D800) gets a swivelling camera, TV Output, but no bloody flash, as well as putting on a couple of grammes - albeit very few.

                        It seems as if Samsung want to see whether we'd rather pick Pamela Anderson, or her intelligent but ugly big-sister, in mobile phone terms.

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • U2T
                          • 10 Nov 2005

                          This phone is massive.. but thin!

                            • s
                            • ss_lover
                            • PGH
                            • 09 Nov 2005

                            againn no external memory???!! dun they learned?!!!

                              • p
                              • puh
                              • mF2
                              • 09 Nov 2005

                              I think it`s a grat phone not only for the camera and everything else and for that u can use it in Europe and North America

                                • t
                                • tanmay
                                • in{
                                • 09 Nov 2005

                                never trust a samsung phone;cause it is very fragile and poor os

                                  • x
                                  • xyster
                                  • iL%
                                  • 09 Nov 2005

                                  hello where'z the keybad i mean how does it open but still this phone is quite cool samsung have announcedsome new good designs i would give 10 of of 10

                                    • S
                                    • Saeed
                                    • PGZ
                                    • 09 Nov 2005

                                    Is dis supposed 2 b da latest fone of da famous
                                    "D" family

                                      • K
                                      • Khai
                                      • PQ5
                                      • 09 Nov 2005

                                      i realli dont see where samsung is getting with the new samsung d820 model, 1.3 megapixel??, if your going to make a phone for people wanting the latest, they'd expect the phone to be packed with the best of the best of everything. NO love to samsung lost, the design is creditable but the 1.3 mega.p is a set-back that sets me back from buying it.

                                        • A
                                        • Andrei
                                        • TjI
                                        • 09 Nov 2005

                                        Isn't this a 3G phone? Gsmarena doesn't say anything about this, although this has a front camera. Or is a swivel one? Anyway Samsung promised until now 2 Symbian based phones. They haven't released any of them. What's the problem? Can their phones handle Symbian?
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