Samsung D830

Samsung D830

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  • samuel

i forget my security code how do i change the code

  • J2ME user

mr x, 10 Jun 2010i hate it's volume because it's to lowHave no D830 and not allowed to touch my gf's D830 but does Samsung I have had. There is a service code that opens up service menues. For instance sound and volume master settings.

Do Google service codes for d830 and u might find get the code and how to insert it.

Hopefully I will have my own d830 hopefully sooner than later.

  • J2ME user

Hi D830 users
d830 seems to be a pocketfriendly phone.
Want one myself for phonecalls and SMS, but I would also want some mp3s on it. for entertainment.

Is it possible to use it with a 16GB microSDHC or is 8, 4 or 2 GB max size for memory card with d830?

Love this slim phone since I was allowed to make a call with my gf d830.

  • Md.Sumsujjaman

I love this....

  • aswede1013

Aaron Subba, 05 Nov 2010 I need battery. My old battery is not working. How can I get? W... moreHave you googled Samsung D830 battery? and if not WHY NOT???? you can find anything on the web, you posted this on the web I don't understand why you wouldn't do the same in a search.

  • issah bieber

i have also been using the phone for about 5 years now, it is a very wonderful phone but my problem is my speaker it is not as louder as i think and i really want to change its housing

  • Muhammad Akmal

I am using thiis set since 6 years it is an amazing set with all required qualities and cool like me

  • sellei

its a wonderful phone...i have been using it since 4 years...i like it very much...its slim like myself....

  • Aaron Subba

I need battery. My old battery is not working. How can I get? Where and how much price, is it available or not?

  • Rocktron

I like it's slim, i'm not uncomfortable with the keyboard, it just took me time to get use to it, about the volume, well i always use the vibrator so i don't really have a problem, but it's truth that it get's very slow with the pictures, so i barely use the cam. In general i think it is a good phone, it does what it was meant to do from the begining, and i like the style, it looks elegant.

  • mr x

i hate it's volume because it's to low

  • abo ayah

i still use it put sim caerd in it one week and put it on nokia 5530 for 2 weeks cause i hate the low volume of it and hate to dispose it till life span end

  • Anonymous

i'm still using this phone until now.... i love it especially how slim the phone is... but i'm having a problem with the volume... its so low especially whenever i play mp3 and everytime i check the images, the phone gets too slow...

  • Anonymous

i'm still using this phone... it's nice and slim but i'm having a problem with it's volume specially whenever i play mp3... so low... can barely hear it...

  • essa

I've had this phone (the red one) for about 2years now. The graphics are quite impressive, the camera too. I also love how slim it is. Sadly, my phone's microphone got broken in less than two months after I bought it, so I had to use loudspeaker everytime someone calls me. The paint also peels after a year or so, but that's not surprising considering that I'm a little careless with it. What really ticked me was that my phone's battery life wouldn't last for a single day unless I charged it overnight, which is dangerous. The battery was like this even when it was still brand new, I thought it would improve after a few days, or weeks even, but it didn't.

  • aboayah

how can i rise the voice i hate its low rings its nice but the voice badd help

  • Vajee555

i am using this phone for two and half year. still works fine. one of the greatest phone from samsung..

  • jihen

i hav it 2years problem.

  • Axe

This is the best phone ever! It's very sexy and slim, camera function is superb and its build is VERY solid

  • Sohel

Picture View vary slow