Samsung D830

Samsung D830

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  • vido_fighter

even thinner... whot is the point.. the phone will be more expansive, and well b more fragile.
i rather C a phone that has a btr battary life and i can count on.
in holland the everich phone goes allang 8 months becouse brand cant make a good phone, only nokia made 1 (3310-3330) why doenst any brand try to do that again.

'm not imprest by this absolutly not i think its a joke!

  • Frank

Great phone.If it had IR it would have been even better but oh well it is still good.

  • C's

nice phone.. yet again.. samsung always has the best design...
but, the keypad doesn't look comfy...

  • Anonymous

why do people want such thin phone. it'll be so fragile. once you drop it, it will break.

  • bob

Fantastic! Nokia, this is how you should design phones: sleek and elegant. Not like the 6131 which is not a well thought out clam shell design compared to this beauty. I only hope they have taken out those silly ringtones and give us more regular ones.

  • Anonymous

Slim, many features, and a great looking phone. Sure to be a hit.

  • drsilverworm

if it's got a flash, this is a buy for me. the specs says it does, but where the hell is this purported flash? i don't see it on the phone, does anyone else see it?

  • sam

amazing they managed to squeeze in autofocus into such a thin frame. well done.

  • Anonymous

Why no 3G?a waste...

  • Jim

Breaking record again.... thinnest clamshell? Looks a bit fragile to me from the side.. but will fit nicely in the pocket :)
Specification... very impressed for such a thin phone.