Samsung D900i

Samsung D900i

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  • Anonymous

hi everyone!!

i wanna know the quality of music and photograpy of this it good or bad??just e-mail me..pls..pls..


  • Samsung lover

Is it true that the "ribbon" or the "thing" that connects the LCD of the slide phone to its keypad gets worn out after frequent sliding (Like for a year or two using the phone and frequently sliding it)of the phone? Please answer me. My friends both have samsung e800 and they both said that the ribbon of their phones have been replaced thrice in 3 years. Because of that, i'm scared that it would also happen to me.. Please email me at Thank you.

  • Anonymous

So is it possible to install java games on this one?and how much battery stands on this?

  • Anonymous

i wanna know something about this phone!

so plz everyone answer me plz ...

-can i creat music playlist, if so how many sougs it can handle?
-how about the music quility in headphones and speaker(quility+loudness)
-can the falsh use as lamp like sonyericison?
-what's video recording lenght in full resolution mode?

i'm hoping ur answering

  • ss

does this phone have a slit so that I can hang some phone accessories?

  • ag

does this phone have wallpapers and screensavers?

  • PJ

This is a very nice phone,but it takes to long toe skip songs or images if you have a memory card in,Y is this?

  • Anonymous

i have put memory card in d900i form my old phone an on the pics it say not supported content wot does this mean??

  • Anonymous

Great phone.I enjoy the ease of use and the slim design.The camara and fm radio are fantastic.Price-spot on and in fact beats the way too feature rich Nokia's that you need a degree or masters degree to operate.It's primary function can still be said that it is making and receiving calls(that's what a cell is for right?)The only thing I did not find useful is the inability to copy contacts from SIM cards to the phone.
In short ,Highly recomended.

  • macy

Can the ringtone set as messaging alert?

  • newbie

My new d900i heats up and restarts when iam using java apps ,vodashop said its the firm where. could that be the problem?

  • owns this phone

ok. so u need help choosing a phone? THIS ONE IS IT! I love it~

  • Ravi Sahore

As usual problem with the reloading of sms messages by Samsung Studio software->Manage Message.It keep loading, and loading until the error message "Run time Error,Program ..\samsung\pcstudio2\util\smsloadD500.exe. Conract Application support Team. Any Solution to it may be intimated over mail.

  • Anonymous


  • raulgb

Has this phone picsel viewer???

  • Anonymous

suddenly my key pads wont work but only the power off and on works! can anybodi help me? though i though a tricle of wata got into it not dat it feel into wata. when i turn it on its on the key pads wont respond

  • Anonymous

d900i has fm radio and d900 has document viewer.And i think the d900 has a beter battery.

  • Anonymous

it only has white and black skins

  • v-span

does it have nice skins-themes?

  • Anonymous

Wats da difference between the d900i n da d900