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Samsung D980

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  • miguel

im planning to buy samsung d980 but i need to know if it has sent items..ive been reading the specs but i cannot find the someone answer my question?and please with proof that it really has sent items ,if you dont mind..thank you.


hi too all, i'm one of nokia user... but for me i trying this model D980, it's very great phone, very simple menus like nokia in simplicity, touch screen is also great, very easy to choose bewtween both SIM cards only by tab on the bottom in the screen. battery life in daily use is 2 days, sound is clear, it coast in saudia arabia (1150 riyal) 1 US dollar = 3.75 SR.... camera is ok not much good, equal to 2MP in nokia mobiles.... but i really recommed this D980 for person need dual SIM mobile, by the way it came with 2 battery & usb charger case

  • CONTINUED nemesisdel

continued nemesisdel, 25 Aug 2009CONTINUED nemesisdelta7 and the sim and phone contacts wont d... moreCONTINUED nemesisdelta7 part 3 please read from part 1 down there :) i always press the tab accidentally then i accidentally hit submit button

did i mention its got a image stabilizer for the camera (anti-shake)cool but i think it doesnt help i still sometime take blurred pics, and you can meke it look really professional by using the grid lines option and face detection, but its all just for show :)

oh yeah i like the vibration feedback when you touch a key on the touch screen

  • continued nemesisdel

nemesisdelta7, 25 Aug 2009its a dual active sim phone, both sims online no need to reboot,... moreCONTINUED nemesisdelta7

and the sim and phone contacts wont display all together even if there is a setting of display "ALL" another bug?

cant scan through a video if you accidentally press back, then you are going to have to start from the beginning, but it pauses duing calls which is good
camera is nothing to brag about, although there are alot of options and settings to improve the picture, did i mention Widgets, also a nice touch using widgets

its interface is no iphone, but unless nokia or lets hope apple releases a dual sim phone you are out of luck, its your best choice,

  • nemesisdelta7

its a dual active sim phone, both sims online no need to reboot, having said that is a great phone for that purpose
the good stuff
a battery charger is included
battery life is decent even when watching mp4 movies
document viewer is a nice touch also

now the not so bad stuff
text message memory only 200
slow text message scrolling
speaker phone has to be activated when other caller picks up, not during ringing which is usually when you want it on speaker because of the waiting
slow interface clunky interface

the bad stuff (i dont know if its just my phone)
i imported contacts to the phone from outlook from a dual sim verzio duplii , and the contect on the phone wont arrange themselves > first name , last name or vice versa whatever setting i pick its always last name, first name displayed

  • Anonymous

does the phone reboot to switch sim cards?

  • Anonymous

I have been using the Samsung D980 for a month an a half. The phone is ok, but I find that the phonebook does not have the characters , and . Is there anyway I can upgrade my phones operating system? I also noticed that the camera despite being 5 megapixels does not take sharp pictures. Otherwise, I am very happy with the dual sim features.

  • kingcoopa

Hows the video? Would this work on ATT or Tmobile in the US?

  • Warrenanywhere

A great phone however my dictionary doesn't remember recently entered spelling or words... any thoughts?

  • ahmadtamdad


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2009can i know if both the SIM are active at the same time.yes. Both sims are operational at the same tyme.

  • Extyin

I bought the phone few days ago and since been enjoying the dual SIM functionality but the Ear Piece speaker should be improved.

  • sikolo

Miss WLAN in this time is very important

  • Anonymous

can i know if both the SIM are active at the same time.

  • Kene Nwogbo

The phone is sophisticated, I love it and will recommend it to all. Samsung... is... the... Bomb.

  • Dante

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2009ACER DX900 your dream has come true.Acer is too heavy and bulky :( i was looking at it myself

  • spyros

Hi guys, I want to buy the phone, I have read all your opinions and I have 2 questions

When you change the battery (it comes with two batteries) you miss all the settings e.g. time settings etc

When you set one sim off can you forward some calls- numbers, not all, to the other sim that is on?

Thanks for your answers

  • Merl

This phone is gooooodd but can get better with 3g and 8Mp cam and wind 6.1. That will be the best yet.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2009I'm searching fro a dual sim mobile with 3G & WiFi all-together.... moreACER DX900
your dream has come true.

  • vikas

Can anyone able to tell me what is the price of the handset in mumbai and also weather it is available in the market.

Thanks in advance