Samsung denies Nexus S rumors, preps Continuum for 8 November

1 November, 2010

Samsung has just denied the rumors on an upcoming Samsung-made Nexus Two (a.k.a. Nexus S). As it turns out, the event on November 8th is actually dedicated to the Verizon-exclusive Continuum dual-screen smartphone.

Word was Samsung is about to release the next-generation Google Nexus phone next Monday, on 8 November 2010. However, according to the South Korean company itself, this is "simply not true".

Samsung i400 Continuum Samsung i400 Continuum Samsung i400 Continuum Samsung i400 Continuum Samsung i400 Continuum
Samsung Continuum

So, new rumors started spreading. This time those suggest that during the press event scheduled for the next week, Samsung will actually announce its dual screen version of the Samsung Galaxy S, the Samsung Continuum, which will head for Verizon's stores.

The most noteworthy feature of the upcoming Samsung i400 Continuum is the secondary screen that's located underneath the primary one. When the phone is active, the bottom display strip shows weather information, the date and the time.

The rest of the time, the screen serves as a status indicator - new messages and emails, missed calls, voice mail, IMs, social notifications, etc. Thanks to a special grip sensor, the display lights up every time you pick up the phone.



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  • Anonymous

Denies huh... well what about this: Looks like Nexus S is up for pre-order at best buy…for tmobile:­­obile-Phones/abcat0801000.c?id=abcat0801000­­ Look in the middle of the page by “Pur...

  • Anonymous

that is probably one of the dumbest form factors I have ever seen... that second screen is useless just make a widget for it!!!

  • Nokia Fan Boy

Damn right! Well said

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