Samsung Galaxy Note10's new teaser doubles down on productivity

Ivan, 09 July 2019

Samsung has added a new teaser for the Galaxy Note10, praising its unmatched productivity prowess.

This is the second productivity-themed teaser for the upcoming flagship and it makes it abundantly clear that Samsung is doubling-down on that angle.

S Pen meets huge screen and huge performance equal power user's dream.

A few days ago the company's Malaysian account posted a Spiderman-themed teaser which laconically states that 'Superpower means doing the impossible' and the date of the local launch of the Galaxy Note10 - August 8, the day after the international premiere.

It's unclear if that teaser points to a dedicated Spiderman edition of the Galaxy Note10, or some other collaboration, but it appears Samsung will join Realme in endorsing the latest Marvel movie.


Reader comments

  • Yee

It's all down to our preferences my friend. You see my ideal smartphone wouldn't even have a selfie cam and would be max 5.5" screen. We can only hope for trully modular device that will allow us to simply build to our own specifications. Peace

  • Ioannis

Huge screen as wide as a Huawei Mate 9 with 5.9 16:9 ratio screen I would not call it huge exactly. Also curved which leaves even less space to write with the pen... that I could work more productively at work, make more money and be forced to buy true wireless earbuds and abandoning my wired ones. Wonderful idea, Sammy!