Samsung E105

Samsung E105

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Great for gaming

    • D
    • Dave
    • Y7T
    • 30 Nov 2020

    sideshow, 27 Apr 2006My wife and I have each had one for about three years. Mine... moreWould you still recommend this device?

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • YH5
      • 28 Dec 2008

      i used it for 6 months...
      and it went to the blue screen of death randomly

        • d
        • daniel
        • fu$
        • 27 Dec 2007

        its good

          • a
          • adnan
          • jcX
          • 31 Mar 2007

          i used is best..but when i switch web on it restarts...and also pls email me that how to
          change mms and wap settings,,,.,,

            • S
            • Spankz
            • QXE
            • 09 Oct 2006

            i been using this phone for about a year and a half.. dropped many times still working but too many battle scars so what i call them.. i losted a few ringtones that i downloaded due to dropped it and throwing at and since the last time i dropped it now vibration doesnt work. -________-"

              • D
              • DJ
              • PSd
              • 03 Jun 2006

              well, this is my correct mail addy, look below this post at right corner. Thanks.

                • D
                • DJ
                • PSd
                • 03 Jun 2006

                Hi, well i just got one, and I also got a SERIAL PORT Data-Cable, but i am unable to connect it. Can anyone tell me which Softwares to use, and any drivers to make that cable work, cuz no softwares came with it. I'll b thankful, mail addy is given!

                  • s
                  • sideshow
                  • 453
                  • 27 Apr 2006

                  My wife and I have each had one for about three years. Mine has been dropped about 100 times and spilled on several times. It keeps on working. Reception is superior to any other phone (all Nokias w/ATTWS) I've used. WAP browser isn't as good as html, but it's darn good. Picked up a car charger at the dollar store, works great. My wife's does not always work as expected. She forgets to charge it. Pretty much, this phone rocks. I thought about upgrading but am not sure I would be as happy.

                    • b
                    • brandon
                    • QsN
                    • 20 Apr 2006

                    it is the coolest phone i have every seen and have.

                      • s
                      • sara
                      • PVt
                      • 14 Feb 2006

                      hi 'this is very bad moblie,because no more ringtones and imagies downlod.please tell us ;please no one buy this mobile because this is vary difficult.

                        • m
                        • mohsin
                        • PSd
                        • 19 Dec 2005

                        Samsung E105 MMS Or Disktop wallpaper Photos use the *.Bmp File 24 bit photos

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • 4v8
                          • 23 Sep 2005

                          the e105 is a work horse, the best phone i've ever owned

                            • a
                            • anita
                            • jjJ
                            • 20 Sep 2005

                            i have this phone but im having trouble with the picture messages. it has the option for pic mssgs but when i get a picture it sends me to my provider's web page. how do i look at the pics on my phone?... other than that i have no problems... great phone!

                              • w
                              • whest
                              • P@d
                              • 03 Sep 2005

                              how can i remove the gprs configuration of my phone

                                • R
                                • Ryan
                                • FAr
                                • 10 May 2005

                                love the phone but I'm having trouble emailing pictures to my phone. I get the email but no picture. If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong please email me.

                                  • I
                                  • IonNuke
                                  • xWP
                                  • 10 May 2005

                                  Could be good or bad, but eitherway it supports 1900Mhz GSM and that's all I need.

                                    • A
                                    • Aatif
                                    • PF2
                                    • 26 Mar 2005

                                    Hello Everybody!
                                    I bought this phone after checking its specs and opinions on the web but I could hardly believe that the one I have has only one LCD, also I am unable to locate IR port even after its activation. can anybody help me?

                                      • a
                                      • anna
                                      • 47c
                                      • 23 Feb 2005

                                      it's a phone that looks great,it's really small and it can do a lot of things; that was my first reason to buy it and not choose something else. I've had it for almost 7 months and i still think it's great.

                                        • c
                                        • cris
                                        • 490
                                        • 23 Feb 2005

                                        ive had this phone for OVER a year and its still working like i got it the first day. great phone. small but durable. great reception. absolutly a great phone.