Samsung E105

Samsung E105

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  • todo_yo

I really liked this phone. I bought it from a re-seller and it was lockes, so i took it to Mexico and they unlocked it for me, now I have good service.

  • rainey

I love the phone but I'm having trouble emailing pictures to my phone. I get the email but no picture. If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong please email me.

  • amx

i think this is also good

  • Jun

had this phone for about a year and it's still holding up. the battery life isn't all that great, the buttons need to be pressed hard when sending a text message or dialing. the ringtone volume is ok. not all that loud. glitches with the software ever since i dropped the phone (shuts off by itself, one time it just kept vibing, one time it game me a sim error). overall i'd rate it an 7/10 because it does what it supposed to do despite having all the wear and tear i mentioned.

  • lanre

I love the phone.


samsung e_105 is a great mobile and i love it too much now

  • arsenio

can i please get a copy of the unlock codes for my tmobile samsung E105
thnx :)

  • dimeji

i love samsung.

  • blue devil

this is a good phone



HELP! I need help in resetting the password.

I bought a used Samsung E105 at a Tmobile reseller and is unable to lock
the phone as they do not know the previous password. It was a returned unit.

I would like to lock it for obvious reasons. Does anyone how to reset the password?


  • danin

buy now

  • nicole

Is this phone prepaid?

  • ga

I have been using this phone for more than 6 months now. I am planning to get a new phone. The talktime of this phone is sickeningly 3 hrs only. If you got no chance to recharge it, in car or otherwise, your stuck!
I wish the battery was better for this phone.

  • cole

I love this phone, but I really wanted to say that I finally unlocked a software version 1.6 phone, if anyone needs help, please email me.

  • viswanath


i need the apploader software to load java game applications into the samsung devices E105, E715 & D415......with suitable data cable and supported software.

please guide me with the information regarding suitable software to load apps into the device



  • vivian allen

pls i want to know may be you sell it out.

  • omolara

please let me know samsungE105 price

  • vicki

i like the phone. the size is a plus. it might just be my phone but it turns off someimes spontaniously. warning though. it counts as a text message every time u sign on AND off of AIM. i racked up quite a bill even though i sent no IMs.

  • Steven

this is the worst phone ever if u bought this phone i suggest u return it now the soundd suck everythings sucks about this phone

  • Anonymous

Love the phone!