Samsung E105

Samsung E105

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  • Eric

My sister has a Samsung V205 and I had just bought an E105. From my sister's experience, this is a very high quality phone. I love mine especially for its size and weight...and at Tmobile it's only $125 after rebate, which is a good price for a Samsung. I've seen motorolas and Nokias of the same quality for much more, and for the money, you get more bang for the buck out of this one. Do yourself a favor and buy it. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

  • rayshaun peoples

I think the samsung e105 is an awesome phone. I will be getting one on july 23,2004. I've been doing all the research on the samsung and I think I'm going to enejoy it!!!!!

  • bluemeister85

I really like the e105. Probably the best feature is the size. Its smaller than any of my friend's phones. The wap browser is alright. Maybe a 6 out of 10?? Seems to lagg when making selection of text. Email me with any questions. I also have the unlock code by request.

  • Bobby

I Like it.

  • Dave

i am looking to get the e105 with tmobile prepaid service. Can anyone answer a coumpe of questions i have. i was wondering is the WAP browser esay to work, does it work? and is i hard to hear the other person or is the handset loud?

  • sandra

i love e105 but waht is the difference between t500 and e105

  • Kim

Purchased phone on Monday taking it back for full refund and cancelling service with T-Mobile. A lot of interfence when calling a land line or other cell phone can barley hear caller. Exchanged phone out once already and still have the interference. Make sure you take advantage of the 14 day return policy if you are having interference problems.

  • op


  • Tina Bolden

I need a car charger for my Samsung E105 T-Mobile cell phone...where can I buy one?

  • kenny k

how do you get the wap to work

  • Michelle

I like the Samsung E105, and I was thinking about buying it, but theres a problem with that. Does the phone come with AT&T service, because everything i see with the phone is T mobile.

  • Atallah Samander

I have a problem with my e105. When i use my phone for a few calls, towards the middle of the day and night, my phone sort of pauses and i am not able to hear the other person forst 4 seconf intervals. i have switched my handset 4 times and have gotten a new battery for it. it is charged properly and i continue to have the problem. If there is anything you know to help me let me know.
thank you

  • Donnie

How does the WAP browser work?
Thumbs up or down?

  • May

Are there any other sites where I can download free ringtones?

  • Michael

Phone is great bu you cant open the flip when in the holster. and you cant take holster off with the earbud in. Anyone know when after market holster or case will be available. Bought phone yesterday

  • beavis

So far so good! Bought it for 49.99 and new Tmobile plan on Monday! very small, and nifty. perfect pocket phone! A bit difficult to figure out, but downloading ring tones works at (yes designed for most samsung phones including e105 too). ENJOY!


  • Anonymous

yes you can see the external display at night without opening the flip. Just hold the side button for 2 seconds and the screen will light up. It's a nice phone, compact, good screen, and loud ringtones. Good price too.

  • samsungno1

really nice phone.... The part that I don't like is that you can't see the external screen at night w/o opening the flip.

  • michaelnonso

Please i want to know more about your cell phone thanks.

  • Anonymous

i got it for free...only need pay the tax....if you like it...go and check it out