Samsung E1272

Samsung E1272

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  • ari

it says here that there is an mp3 player but i bought this a month ago and until now i havent seen the mp3 player. is it really true that there is? if yes where can i see it

  • AnonD-247624

I mis the fliptop phones... I hope they do more

  • AnonD-247485

This phone it dedicated for who wants use only for work, thanks samsung

  • nuddy

this is good for those who are living outside of their country, i like this perfect for me.

  • khaled

Oraz, 17 Mar 2014It has no display outside, if you want to see who is calling, yo... moredear sir . do you know where to buy this phone . i live in beirut lebanon.

thank you

  • Anonymous

- perfect for offices where any kind of phone with camera or info/data transfer technology is banned

- dual sim is great in case the main signal provider has deadspot in certain areas, easy to switch to other providers

  • Oraz

It has no display outside, if you want to see who is calling, you have to open the phone, only for that reason didn't buy.

  • jr

in this phone it has a voice leakage?

  • planning

will this work in canada?

  • nirmal

looks gud... i hav been waiting fr flip cell... d finally here it s.. d duel sim.. so its goona rock in india... waiting fr it....

  • james

just bought this phone yesterday, this is a good phone. battery is iPhone need to rest..

  • primejed

i am using a flip flop samsung since 8 years ago and still working fine...this new model will surpass the touch screen smartphone which is very complicated and not been in used. this kind of phones is nicer than any touch screen phones....we will go back to the old type of cellphone that is very cheap and very useful

  • Nitin


Good to see you soon E1272 Slider phone.
If any body knows when it should be launched in india & when will going to buy this ???

  • BB

Finally someone has realised that working people need working phones.

  • Mickey

AT LAST! FINALLY! i've always love this type of phone! flip top kind of phones! best phone type ever... no matter the ongoing craze of the touchscreen smart phones out there, we still go back to flip/ basic phones. Calling and texting is what we basically need after all =) FIVE STARS SAMSUNG!

  • atemlos schiller

woow!!! The Flip phone is back

  • Anonymous

This is a gem. Thank you Samsung!

  • К&#108

The battery lasts three weeks, all of your notes that the phone is not worth is pointless and stupid. This is the low-end phone. Thanks to Samsung that still produced such phones.

  • Anonymous

most likely ,E1272 will be given as promotion of galaxy s5 due to its high price in market..

  • Anonymous

it is the best phone from the 17th century