Samsung E300

Samsung E300

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  • Zowie

I've had Sam E300 for seven years. Have just bought first new battery. Last year or two photo messaging service has been unavailable. Up til that time I was able to send photos to other mobiles and to my PC. Does anyone know why this service in now unavailable?

Have bought data transfer cable,when I plug cable to PC this only charges my battery as it's to be plugged into mobile charger port.

  • carmen

i love this phone!!!!
i want to know why they discontinued it!!!!!

  • heather

best phone i ever had :)
obviouslt not that good these days, but i loved it and still do.

  • Anonymous

can anybody tell me if the samsung e300 is tri-band? ty

  • I.C.Krishnamoorthy

I got a SAMSUNG E300 mobile phone and don't have user's manual regarding camera usage etc. Please let me know the information regarding this. Thank you.

  • doolcydeea

hello!can anybody help me with something?! I don't know how can i connect myself to the internet from my's samsung e 300! thank you

  • vatsal

hi...this is vatsal here i m using this phone i like it very much......

  • aeldmlwy

hello i want to fix my new mobile phone
its samsung e300 when i being call i see call ended i want to fix it very soon thanx for care thats its good mobile i like it so much

  • D@N

great phone!!!

  • Ezekiel

I recently purchased a E300 Samsung handset. The problem I do encounter with the handset is that, after charging the battery to the maximum, it suddenly drops(discharge)to zero within 5 - 10 minutes interval.
What could be responsible for this and what is your advise?


  • Anonymous

i have this phone its a gr8 lil mob, but i have also had problems with my infrared port. u cant send pics to other mobs, nor can u to the pc. its reli annoyin but wen i went into the orange shop-(im on this network) they suggested buying some sort of software and a usb cable.... but i cant remember wat it was called! does ne1 no if a usb lead wud work? thnx apart frm this problem i think its a reliable and gd lookin mob!!!!!!

  • grumman f6f hellcat

i use this cellphone for over a year, when i both it it was two months old, it is still working perfectly although it smashed at the ground plenty of times. wonderful and easy to use phone. the cons are up to me: not a very special camera (VGA), the absence of bluetooth, and, at the first place, every time i want to make a sms, i have first to switch it to "normal" alphabet because it has by default the "t9", ufff....

  • Anonymous

I had this phone for a year and a half and its still working in perfect condition.. I encourage any1 who have a doubt on buying this phoen to buy it.. though this phone in my opinion has 2 disadvantages.. the irda does not work for photos etcc and the capture sound cant make it silent but on the whole is very good!!

  • Anonymous

are we talking about the same phone?????this mobile is appaling!!!!! blurred pictures,video recording out of blairwitch project and lacking everything!!!!!

  • Anonymous

plz sum1 help me about this can i cahnge the image of my frony display?????all i can do is change the color.plz help me.if any1 knows how plz contact me at

  • Anonymous

i have it and its verry good in my opinion.i have it 4 over a year and still runs takes good photos and videos but it hasen't got 2 much memory.anyway great phone.

  • Caracal

how do i get my videos from phone to pc? i have pims & file manager. i can download pictures...but how can i do that?

  • Shuvro

can anyone please e-mail me and tell me how the "Infrared works" with other phone. How can i take my video clips to the PC.

  • dave

to those who want to know how to get their thier pictures on their computer use a data cable. it works thats what i do