Samsung E300

Samsung E300

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  • nik xxx

in answer 2 kayleigh yer i got da same problem and i duno ow to get it to work, cos i thort infrared was to sedn photos but how when it wont lent me access them lol, n ma m8s cant send um me eather cos they wont transfer, any1 help?

  • ss

Hello people...
U can't send files like fotos,videos,games...usins irda,U can send only agenda records,understand? Samsung irda sucks(to all old phones-like this)

  • kayleigh

I know this question has been asked like a million times but can anyone tell me how i can get photos from my phone onto my computer. i cant access my photos while infrared is on, is this the same 4 every1??

  • TraY

i have just two questions.
does the infrared work with all kind of phones(sony-erricson,nokia?) and can u record a melody and use it as a ringtone??
some1 please tell me
thanks in advance:))

  • Scorpion

I like it, but.. I can upload/download photo, logo and sounds, but I don't see in program voice records and video files.
Software: Easy GPRS
Hardware: COM port data cable.
Funniest part, that when I wrote email to, they reply me that they can't help couse don't know how to do it :)
If anynone knows, please tell me :)

  • iavn

i need software easy gprs for infrared port. can You tell me where i can found THIS, MAYBE YOU CAN TELL ME A WEB

  • laura

i have this phone and its alright but im now looking for a new one as ive had this one for over a year and i want one that can capture video clips and is just in general a bit better. However this is a good phone.

  • sian

i have this phone and it is not very good in my opinion your space gets taken up so easily the only good ting realy bout it is that u can store so many messages!!!

  • Anonymous

In reply to some of your q's

You cant compose melodies and ring tones. Text messages can either vibrate when you get them or beep (for lack of a better word) but not both.
You cant get mp3's on it.

Very good phone though. Very reliable, easy to use, cute, fab.

  • daro

somebody knows if a text message vibrates when receiving

  • sarah

wot a great fone it is love it ! unfortunatly it doesnt take as many fotos as i would lyk cos im a picture fan :) and you cant take the capture noise of whhich is disapointing bt apart from that go 4 it its fab xx

  • Vika

This phone is nice. It's really wonderful !!! Yesterday I got it and I'm very satisfid with it. I advice everybody even not to doubt about this phone !!!

  • Jsmells

Very good. ive got the black one. it has everything i need!!

  • Selena

Can I really compose my own melodies and ring tones on that phone?

  • Anonymous

can you any kind of music on it? i mean mp3 style not polyphonics...?

  • James

can anyone tell me is there anyway i can send pics from my pc to this phone? really appriciate an answer if any1 knows, thanks

  • amy peveritt

i think this phone is fantastic. i have not yet bought it but my dad has got it and its a gr8 little video phone. some of the menu's r hard 2 use but other than that its gr8.
deffinately worth buying.
the only other feature i would like 2 c in this phone is bluetooth.
If anyone know's how to get hold of a cheap unlocked/virgin version of this phone. plz contact me on

  • kate

I loved this phone when i first got it, but i have found quite a few things that could be better about it:
-no bluetooth :(
-infrared wont connect with other phones
-no real music tones
-takes pics in your pocket
-cannot turn sound off of photo capture
-cannot hear the videos too well and they take up a lot of memory

Otherwise it's quite a nifty little phone if you just want basic flip with camera...

Dont u always find as soon as you buy a phone, something better is released that you could have saved up for!!!

Kate xxx

  • steven cranston

I love this phone but i cant find out any where if it will work in the USA/CANADA can any let me know if it does?

  • kelly

samsung is great phone cant download files and send them to computor b'cos i dont have write program any one no what it is. handy little phone would recommend it. it doesnt have an mp3 which is a down point