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Samsung E700

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  • charlotte

i am only 14 years old but last christmas i moaned for ages for my mum to buy me this phone - now i have got it all that seems to happen is problems! it sometimes automatically turns itself off whilst im using it - and after reading some of the reviews it doesnt seem like i made a wise choice to pick this mobile phone!

  • andrew

I have a Samsung E700 and I can't transfer picture from my mobile to PC. Can anyone tell me what to do. Thank you

  • Jessica M

Oh im so angry about this. We do all have the same problem about this mobile samsung E700 my display is just the way you have have discribe and the camera. What can we do???

  • natasha khan

If i want to transfer my piks to pc.what should i do?i bought this infrared device first but there was some kinda problem with the cd.and now i bought this data cable thingy.can anyone guide me please! what should i do?reply me back asap,*mail me*.thanks!

  • Kerry

I just got a Samsung E700 off ebay and went to use the camera and got the preview error message. However i got it working by turning on the camera with the phone shut first then just opening up the phone and going to take photos.

  • Calvin

Hi guys i've been putting up with the screen problem for a a few months now and will have to unitl the 8800's are avaliable in my country, today i discovered a partial fix for the problem.. this morning i decided to change the wallpaper from a photo i took to an image on the phone and guess what, my screen is perfect now although i'm still getting the camera problem but atleast i can now see the screen 100% let me know if this works..


  • AnotherWhiteScreenVi

Damn I am also expeiencing the white screen problem and the camera not working when the shell is open. My phone is also past the warranty period .. not happy :( Will try opening up and stuffing around, can't get any worse I guess

  • quaxor

well i want to buy an samsung e 700 and i noticed from your posts that it has a little ''bug'' but not all the e700 have it?why is that?...i mean i like the phone realy much and i want to buy one but i am afraid.....even if the screen goes much would it cost to ave it repair....werry cheap problably i am thinkink of buying one....what do u say??

  • hc

i had a e700 for a year and it was fine for a few months but then the screen went completely white and the camera wouldnt work. also know when i turn it on none of the buttons work so i cant access my is so annoying. why is this????

  • Ronnie S

Well, this is what happened to MY E700, working as a divemaster in thailand I had my phone in the sidepocked of my shorts, and moving equipment to a speedboat on the beach I forgot about the phone and it got weat when I was walking in the water, the phone didnt work, couldnt start it after it dried, a friend told me about this thai guy who fixes phones, so I gave it to him, but he couldnt fix it because he usually handles Nokias, anyway, after careful investigation I saw that one of the pads on the battery was burned, so I bought a new battery and the phone worked just fine, now about six months later my phone started acting weird, the screen was showing everything all distorted and garbled, but then be ok after a while, then after a week or so the screen started to go white, after turning the phone off/on it worked again, and so on until finally it didnt do anythign else but showing white, then the outer display stopped working too, so I had a workign phone without displayes, after reading all the posts here, I thought I should give flashing a try, but last night I was angry at my phone and took it apart, everything looked ok, all chips and the motherboard was nice, except the connector between the motherboard and the lcd which was all green and black, fungus or whatever it was, so I cleaned all the pins on the connectors and put the phone together again and now it works just fine again, its like new, because I cleaned the inside of the windows except the shell which is all scratched and ugly from over 20 months of dropping.. anyway, open the phone, clean the connector and you might be fine, IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH A WHITE SCREEN..

  • alex

the problem about the white screen is because of the bad connection between the mainboard and the display.this happens allot tho the not so well build clamshells after about a year.its the mecanical stress made by the openning and closing of the cell.It's bassicly a bad case of production and concept

  • The Man

Yes ive had the e700 for a year now and unfortunatly it hant been a pleasant experience.
The screen goes white and cant see nething wen i open it. thing to do is press the camera on the side and sumthimes it goes away but sometimes it doesnt, silly phone!

  • Dick

Same flickering and later white screen problem as all of you after 14 months.
Havy discussion with the shop where I bought it (free on a 2 year contract) In NL there's a law that says that even when the guarantee has expired, you may claim price reduction of repair or partial money back when the product does'nt fuction as 'to be expected in nbormal use'. The 2 years contract strongly suggests at least 2 years of troublefree use to be expected, so....
Result: heavy dispute, ending in: go to court if you want your claim rewarded.

I opened the case and noticed a partially cracked flexible between the case and the frontpanel.
However, it's a ~60 leads multilayer flexible , one end a 60 pins coinnector (no problem), but the other end a multylayer printed circuit, so no way to (fine)solder some wires. (:-(
End of story, other shop, other make.
Any other Dutchman that would join for a legal action?

  • glen

Yeah i have had the same problem with my phone. white screen the letters and menu all wrong the wrong way. Phone only 12months old. it hasnt been droped or anything its in great condition.

  • Roisin

I just got the white screen problem tonight. I think it's due to the amount of times a drop it. I showed my dad the problem, and he thought this as well. (He fixes Cameras and comes across this problem in the LCD camera screens aswell). So he's recommended me to buy an new LCD screen, and he'll install it for me. I'll let you know if this works.

  • Liam

Well i sure am glad that im not the only person who has had problems with their Samsung E700! One day my camera stopped working and the screen would go completely white. Now the screen is completely white no matter what. I took it into the Samsung repair centre here in WA, and waited 2 weeks because i was informed that i had to wait on parts? 2 weeks later i return to the store to find out that no parts have been ordered for my handset and that it is corrosion that has corrupt my handset which voids the warranty.
I am very very dissapointed that my phone is now wasted and over 200 numbers lost.
Any suggestions for what i can do? Please help!

  • Sean

Well guys, since my posting on the 14th of July, where I stated how to temporarily fix the screen so it's still usable as a phone and not a camera, I have finally sent the damn thing in for repair. Friday after charging it, I turned the phone on and couldn't see a thing, the screen flickered on and off. Totally stuffed. I phoned the samsung agents in my area and they said to me to bring it in. They would check if it was "the latent defect" and if so, would fix it free of charge even though the phone is out of warranty. I'm waiting to hear about the outcome. Will keep u posted :-)

  • Sam

Anthony, interesting stories/ theories you have. I guess the main question you have to ask yourself is how does Samsung benefit from bugging its own software so the screen fails after its 12-month warranty? Will they get a commission from the local technician who replaces the screen with a cheap replica from China? Or will they gain more customers as a result of the poor build quality? You can flash your phone with all the cool firmware you want but your screen will still not work. What you need to do, is go to your local phone technician (who secretly works for Samsung!) and get them to replace the screen.

  • stef

hey i have had this fone for a year now and the screen went white and the camera was a green blur. i fixed it which cost me 50 pounds but i got it back the signal does not work can someone please tell me what to do??!!!

  • Anthony

Rather impressed when I purchased it. I am one to be intuitive in the purchase of technology, and decided on the phone as being a good all round choice. All the features were fantastic, it had a camera, it had MMS, GPRS, many other great features. This was in February 2003, on a 2 year contract with my phone company. I'm still on this contract, as there are only a few months left, and I get $60 worth of calls for $60 a month.

It just so happens, that in May this year, I opened the phone and Hey Presto! No screen! I had half of the screen visible, though it was back to front. I tolerated it, thinking it may be temporary, and I could deal with it for the mean time.

Now, it has gone completely white, no vision at all. My camera still works, so I am lucky there. I have ordered a USB data cable from eBay and have downloaded the latest flash, and am pending the results of this once it is received. However, to anyone wanting to purchase Samsung Technology, I WARN AGAINST IT.

They released a TV in the 1980's that had a fuse. Now of course, most TV's have fuses, but this was 'timing fuse'. 100 hours after the TV was used, it blew, forcing a technician to be called out to fix it. How do I know this? My dad was one such technician. How is that for corporate deception?

As for phones, my mum had a similar problem on her Motorola V720, the screen went white. People, this is not a hardware problem. In rare cases will the ribbons be of poor quality, my technician father confirmed this when he opened it and checked my ribbon. No faults at all. And it is not a ribbon, when my screen goes back to front, and then switches off. Samsung has placed a bug in the firmware causing the phone to screw up approximately 14-15 months after purchase, 2-3 months after their warranty, forcing you to repair it out of your own pocket. Sound familiar?

As for flashing, I believe this is possibly the only way to fix the problem. Buy a cable off eBay, they are about US$7. Good luck, and don't buy this phone, get a trusted old Nokia (My 3310 still works fine after 4 years!).