Samsung E720

Samsung E720

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  • fernando

Samsung e720 aparently a very good phone but is not available in my country

  • crysalis

I would def buy this phone if it wasn't for one major flaw: NO MEMORY CARD SLOT! why, samsung, why?!?

  • robby

Very good looking,it's looks disn for man ,,but i don't have moooooooney to have it

  • angel

Samsung E720, MP3,camera and also blueetooth somemore!this is best of the best!! this consider as my dream handphone!!the first time i saw it in magazine,its attract me to get it!actually i want to buy a flip handphone so long time ago, but none of a flip handphones were attract me to buy it..except samsung E720. so may i know that when its available in Market? how much for the cost? hopefully its available price,because i'm a student, can't afford to buy this flip handphone, if its too expensive! thank you.

  • Firz

Wowww...unbelieveable!!!awesomee!!!!great!!i hope this phone's mine one day...r this cute phone will be available in malaysia??huhh???n what's the price if it's in malaysia???this is the cutest n stylishest phone that i ever seen before...amazing!!!

  • Ice

when will it be available in the market? will they have it in the philippines? how much is the unit?

  • Jay

hp = handphone

  • hp?

btw, whats hp?

  • Heikki

Awsome phone!!! Must have...!

  • sg

wow..tis hp is really nice!!! so much nicer lookin than those stupid 3G hp of samsung! tis is a really gd hp... almost e same as D500...2005 best hp !!!!

  • ali

I want to by a e720, and Iwant to know when will comming to market??If you know please let me know. thank's ..

  • deyvi

i want to buy a new phone.i want to buy e720,d500 or SE s700i.wich one is the better pls tell me.wich phone is the bestor not this phones it can be other phones.which phone is the better in the world.price is doesn't metter.

  • voiknelu

i love the design of this phone. since e715 appeared, i've waited for the same design phone, but with megapixel camera and mp3...this is the best phone that year 2005 starts with

  • Sam

To you all who need memory card:

Samsung Z500 has the same design and same features + secondary camera for video calls + umts

and the t-flash card of course :)

  • lionsunman

I own samsung E700 and i feel that this phone is very far ahead in design of its competition.The only setback of this fantastic design and easy to use phone is that you cannot hear it ring in even slight noisy places and this is a very serious fault.,especially for people in business ,like myself.I hope that Samsung E720 will be a big improvement in this very important department.PLEASE Samung let us hear your phones RING!

  • van

i have my eye on this phone... when will it be available in the philippines? and how much would it be?

  • mathew v

This phone is unreal! I think it will hit the market in a big way because its stylish and smart. I have the e700 and cant wait to upgrade to the e720.

  • Solo

Very Cute! with Bluetooth and 1.3MP camera too! If only it had Edge and MMC slot, nothing like it. But when will it be available in India?

  • Blackriver

Samsung fans will buy this phone for sure.Maybe in the beging it will be expensive but not everybody will have one.I preffer D500 for now.Enjoy Samsung New Mobile Phone.

  • Per

the phone will come to sweden,norway and finland in april. i don't know the price but i've jutt mailed samsung in sweden, asking. I LOVE the phone and i'm pretty sure i'm gonna buy it. I can't wait for the release. and i guess it'll be released a month or something like that earlier in the UK and USA. hejdå! :P