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Samsung E730

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  • JelenaPN

Hi everyone!
I have the e730 and love it to pieces! I'm sorry if I'm a little retarded, but I've never used bluetooth before, and I was wondering how I could use that to transfer mp3s to my phone from my PC. If this is the wrong place to ask I'm sorry! Maybe you could direct me somewhere where I could? Thanks!

  • The Dark Lord

Here is a link to my review on­hp?t=31233

To answer a question below, the phone is indeed matt black all's like a rubber coating..finger prints dont show up and has a really nice feel to it :D

  • Ice_man

Cinderella...this phone doesnt have videocall
neither does the e720
whoever told u that is either reallly senile(i hope i spelt that correctly) or just dont have a life

  • Cinderella

I have a question bit hard 2 explain..
But does this phone have the possiblilty like videophone? that sumone can c u while ur calling? Sumone said that the e720 does have it! Let me knw!! x

  • surferguy

Hey Iceman.. Cheers for the reply.. Yes it does suck that u can't record voice convo's.. but yeah i went to my local phone shop the other day and took it for a test drive!! soooo good!hehe
Yes andrie o i have been surfing for 12 years :) and loving it.. can u?

  • Anonymous

hello all, could a user of an E730 please confirm whether the colour of the phone is a matte black, or a glossy black like the D500.. the photos are a bit misleading :P thanks!!

  • taz

ppl can ne1 tell me ven this fone is gna be available on the vodafone,O2,orange or neother UK network or in the market "simfree" and how much will this piece of art cost ??? ne info will b appreciated

  • The Dark Lord

Right folks, does not have video at the same resolution as E720..thats it, no question about it. There should be no more confusion on this closed!

  • andrei ro

1)do you know how to surf sd?
yes jj i am almost convinced that it has video rec like e720 ask SURFERDUDE HEY MAN tell us the video res please is it 350x xxx or smaller?

  • Ice_man

hey surferdude
samsung calls all their recording apps dictaphone and the dictaphone here only works when u activate it in the menu.
it DOESNT work during calls.
i know
that sux :(
but hey
just look at how great this phone is!!! ^_^

  • joey

it is the nicest phone in the world i have it and iam happy with it

  • c_c

Hey guys, does anyone know which would be a raliable site to get this phone??? Thanks

  • Anonymous

Is it possible to install games with the USB cable ? With wich software ?

  • surferguy

Hey im new here.. Im from aus.. Definatly going to get the e730.. Such a great lil phone.. But i would like to know can u record your phone conversations?? Any replys would be much appreciated.. Cheers!!

  • jojo

what is the video resolution? is it like e720 or d500?????? pleeeease tell me i need to know

  • andrei ro

More info : e730 is much better than e 720
1)it si smaller more compact
2)1.3 mpx autofocus besides 1.0 mpx
3)same mpeg4 video recording
4)stereo radio fm
5)improved sound quality
e720 is only lighter with 8g, has more bright flash and bigger external screen. Keep in mind that pictures are the same as d500 i intend to buy it, if it had mem slot it would be perfect for me sincerly...

  • andrei ro

on kitty's page i saw that e730 has mpeg4 video rec??? wazzup with that???

  • andrei_ro

Very important does the phone have mpeg4 player? does it play mpeg4 files or just 3gp

  • Anonymous

Yes the phone does have speakerphone and yes you can have personalized mp3 ringtones for each of your callers, photo ID is also included.

Why is everyone complaining about no IrDA? There is Bluetooth and SyncML...BT and SyncML which are a whole lot better for phone data transfer.

  • smsnglvr

BLUETOOTH: anyone know if this phone will be able to play MP3 ringtones through the bluetooth headset or is there any VOICEDIAL? I'm big on personalized ringtones for almost all of my callers and the D500 could not do either of these functions.