Samsung E760

Samsung E760

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  • firsttimemo14

Greetings from the future. My last post here was 10 years ago! I miss this phone. It is at my drawer no longer working. I'm not going to throw it away cause it's very special.

  • ashwin

I am using this instrument for very looong time.

No words to express its usefulness. Simply superb.

Can Samsung bring out similar phone with all new stuff ??


  • koltron

great phone. five years after buying its still alive. ofcourse buttons don't work as well as on start and battery is not as good, but i'm still using it daily.

  • Steven

I love this phone! I busted this phone 2 years back (after serving me well for one year) and I just could not get the nerve to throw it away. Finally, i got it repaired (cost around 60USD, expensive for Philippine rate) and now I'm reunited with it. I love its style, shape, and the basic essentials it carries. I wish this phone was more saleable when it was on the market :)

  • Anonymous

After almost 5 years of torturing and falling to the ground for the 545456 time ,the display gave up on me today ;(! The side buttons were already missing from previous "accidents" and the phone practically fell apart. I just couldn't dump this beauty !
Even now there is not 1 phone that comes even close to the stylish design and solid feel of this masterpiece.
I will not rest untill i have found an other E760 !!!
R.I.P. !

  • akira

Its so useful!. Kawaii too!. I like it very much!
Because its all -purpose cellphone!. GOOD FOR ALL OF US!

  • kk

my mom had this 3-4 years back and i really loved it. the perfectly circular outer screen which can be used for a self-portrait was just brilliant- atleast for that time (4 years back)

  • Dayana

I'm looking for a new phone now and doing very, *very* serious research but I can't find *any* flip phone as good as this... Why?! Is it so hard to create something new with the absolutely same design and features, only adding a flash? That's ALL I want from a phone but nooo - they have to make them totally different :(

Everyone here's right - you can literally step on, sit on, throw and scratch this phone all you want - the rubber doesn't mind and just bounces back to its original state. When mine broke in 2, with the lid bearly holding, it's still working :) I've been using it 3 years now and I *still* can't fill up the memory! And that circle screen with the different styles of clocks? Everyone that sees them says they're classy and I can't help keeping this nearly broken precious thing...

  • dave

I had this phone for 3 years and it's the best for me. I just had the flip locks repaired because it got broken due to my negligence. Didn't think twice of sending it to Samsung for repair because I plan to use it for a few more years.

  • Crazy for E760

This is like the BEST mobile in the world!!!!
I am in love with it, i had it for three years and it was like the best three years of my life when it comes to mobiles!!!Now my new one has broken down as well and i am running to buy this now!!! I am so excited! I dont think i can sleep!!!

Seriously people, GO BUY IT:):):)

  • Her

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2009Seriously, this mobile is the best ever. I had it for three... moreThe phone is okay i guess, until it went just all white all of a sudden. I had it for 3 years as well. Anyway,I had it repaired however it cost almost the phone itself when I bought it. Right now this is my 2nd phone, I got a new Sony g900.

  • Anonymous

Seriously, this mobile is the best ever. I had it for three years, and it was awesome, it is so much durable. I'm really crazy about this mobile.

  • 이 마

camille, 23 Nov 2007this is my everdearest fon.. i have sony ericsson k810i, th... moreyou better buy mine...hehehehe

  • 이 마

why i cant download music?

  • Anonymous

Have had the phone for a while now and still works fine. Menu's are good, but the schedule/agenda function really sucks.

  • Dekos

I have one since July 2006 and never had one single problem with it.It has fallen severall times on the floor and works like a clock even,it has a very user-friendly menu and display.and well,gotta love this phone to have-it for such a long time,i even still use-it after i bought both my omnia and my u600.1st love is forever thay say...this one made me samsung lover.

  • Anglea

Hi I have a Samsung E760 Mobile phone. A message comes up saying CB200 when i'm trying to enter my contacts. I can't seem to delete it. Can anyone help please?

  • je t'aime E760

i love E760 Je t'aime E760 احب E760

  • kimee

got this phone in summer 2006.
it's been great, and i loved it.

however i dropped on the pavement like 2 weeks ago and now people cannot hear me on voice calls haha.

it's a VERY durable phone, i've taken it everywhere with me and it even survived my nights in the clubs. and i've dropped it so many times. but i think that last fall damaged it, as the bottom right of the phone seems like i can probably open it in half and look at the insides. =o...

ah well. might be on it's last legs. it's camera is OK. mp3 is alright although space in my opinion was too limited but it served it's job.

might be going for samsung F110 or sony ericsson z555 next.

good job samsung.

  • Sekhon

i had this phone a couple of years back. cool phone, excellent shape. but after a couple of months usage some of the sms got deleted automatically. the camera quality was okay the picture was usually blured. i think the company should have improved its camera. the motion sensor is coooool but guys i don't know why the company has stopped making motion sensor phones anymore