Samsung E760

Samsung E760

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  • Nicky

I got this phone on 30th May in 2006. Since then it has worked great. It fell many times on asphalt, stone and other surfaces, and I am really surprised thatit still works fine. I had a little accident with it in June this year. Somebody accidenetely put it in the sink and later it was flushed with water. Battery was dead, so I had to get a new one, but ever since, it's been working fine. I am very satisfied with this phone. And just love the movement sensor...

  • aziez

cool phone!!!!!edge is the only it needs.
it is a very cool phone.

  • Elaine

i've this phone for about 20 months. it's pretty good in a way that it's simple to use. but since it has reached it's last stage, her keypad works badly. but anyway, i love how they present their menu. when you punch in the numbers for dialing, those numbers have really cool display. i love that display. just so you know, it's camera is not very good and the memory space is so limited. i would suggest that you dont get this phone if there's other alternative like Lg ku990, which i am getting next year.

  • camille

this is my everdearest fon.. i have sony ericsson k810i, this fon serves as my 2nd fon.. but i love it more than my sony.. its very easy to use.. very light, small and cute! i love it so much! too bad its now broken, i left it open while sleeping.. now i wanna buy the same unit, but sadly, they dont sell one anymore =/

  • lawrence

(continuation of my previous posting). i believe it's the poor construction the caused the phone to get damaged easily.I went to Samsung's customer service to exercise the phone's warranty and see if i could demand a replacement but the technician told me that a unit with factory defects can only be replaced within seven days from purchase. after what i have gone through, I felt betrayed. i can't help but think that Samsung phones are made only to fool the eyes of their customers with their very refined yet deceitful designs. I'll never let myself be deceived again. Anyway, thanks Samsung for the terrible experience. I hope for your further success.

  • lawrence

this phone is my greatest disappointment. i got this phone on November of last year. i admit i was very much fascinated when i first got hold of my phone because of its cool design and novel features but just about 3 months before my phone turns 1 yr old i freaked out when i noticed a crack at the phone's left hinge. i felt very anxious then. i was very careful flipping it open so as not to make the crack worse. every time i flip the phone, i got scared it might totally get damaged. i conditioned and prepared myself so i won't feel very much disappointed when the time i fear the most comes and just a week after i noticed the crack, the left hinge of the phone (where the crack was) got totally disconnected leaving the right hinged connected to the other part of the phone's body (i wish i could also post a picture here to show what my damaged phone exactly looks like). i look closely to the left hinge of the phone and i found out that it was not actually fastened by anything like a screw or whatever so it can have a tight connection to the other part of the phone's body. i found out that the left hinge was only supported by the fragile plastic that covers it. when the hinge got disconnected, i thought the phone would shut off but it stayed on so i concluded that all the electrical connections flow through the right hinge. so the phone still works but i can no longer bring the phone with me because i cant flip the phone

  • houedanou

i had this has a good ok outstanding look and the motion sensor is cool but pretty useless. but its inner memory has a bug : i had can go from 96 mo to 74 mo ... and that.s quite sad for such a cool phone.

  • Anonymous

the fone is real good. i had it for almost a year now and i found no problem except that you still have to turn of your media player before you can do other stuff like creating/sending messages.

  • ram@esh

its very easy 2 use.i love dis 4n.

  • Thatsme Netherlands

Very good phone ,i have it fot almost a year now ,but ,suddenly this afternoon ,it wont turn off the silent mode ,when i try ,the phone completly shuts down ,and i have to estart it all over again.
I cant get it of silent mode anymore:O
Does anyone know ,how to get rid of this problem?
Thnx alot ,
Thatsme (aka Twan)

  • firsttimemo14

Wanna know something about this phone which is not included in the manual? well here are some of the things I discovered...
1. You can zoom while viewing the photos taken by the phone's camera. push the side keys (volume) while viewing the photos. though it doesnt work on downloaded photos.
2. You can also use the side keys (volume)when browsing through the messages, pictures, videos, musics and sounds. it skips 3 files per push. (helpful when browsing through 100+ pics!)
3. You can also use the * and # button to browse though messages. (Open a message first then push * or # to go to the next message without having to push back)
Well, I dont know if there are others and this works on the phone bought in the Philippines. I wish there was a way to change the default message tones... like using a file explorer or something... can anyone help?

  • firsttimemo14

(*sigh) I wish this phone can install .jar files through bluetooth because the only way it installs .jar files is via wap.

  • sashaMk

Very cool phone!

  • Amy

Does this phone have a calculator?

  • joe

im planning to buy this phone,cn anyone give a negative points for this phone,

  • satya

I was having W810i sony erricson mobile ,in which I was using Opera mini for internet , but now I bought another E760 ,but I am not able to use the Jar files like W810i , please suggest me for the file type which can be used in this phone

  • tin

This phone is really cool. Interesting things inside. Especially the motions and such stuff. : )


i really luv dis phone because its cute and fun.specially the motion.

  • firsttimemo14

To make downloaded photos occupy the entire screen (not just the center part of the screen)when set as wall paper, try editing the picture using photo editing software in your pc and changing the image size to 176x220 pixels, save it and download it to the phone. it was an old question but i think no one gave the answer so here it is...

  • vlammetje

i think it's a pretty awesome phone coz it has his own looks and u can even put .gif files as a display,camera pics are good