Samsung E800

Samsung E800

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  • Gotcha

Nokia 7650 wasn't the first slide phone, it was the Siemens SL10 some 5 years ago.

  • noname

i want you now tomorrow wont do

  • SSRL

Who cares if it's copied from Motorolla??? It might have copied at first but now it makes better flip phones than Motorolla~!

  • anti nokia

they should actually change their name to noidea

  • anti nokia

Nokia are a joke, have u noticed that their designs are always the same.. and when they do break the mould, they seem to come up with some ugly mess....

  • Anonymous

Nokia 7650 was the 1st slide phone, then Siemens SL55 and now Samsung E800, ...but N7650 is still the best looking slide phone to me.

  • Amit

i want to buy this piece in india
can i buy it? and how?

  • Anonymous

Wake up man and all the flip phones made by samsung is copied from MOTOROLA

  • Anonymous

you know nothing , nokia design slide phone first sucker

  • jojomei

halo halo!!!!!!!!!!! dear mr unknown!!! i know u love nokia and i have nothing aginst them.. but pls note that siemens come out wif the slide phone 1st!!! go check

  • Anonymous

Yeah not so special, just another fashion phone from Samsung.

  • Anonymous

What about Bluetooth ??? Still non ? Just like in the E700 :-( BAD

  • stranger

Does look a lot like the siemens SL55 imo. Siemens was by the way one of the first to use a sliding mechanism to cover the keyboard......

Does not take away the fact that this phone looks OK

  • Anonymous

wake up man, all the flip phones made by samsung is copied from MOTOROLA

  • Samsung Supporter

Shame? I think Nokia should be the one to feel shame.. Nokia's first clampshell phone~~ oh ya, don't you think it copied from Samsung as well? Nokia phones used to have 4096 colour only, but now 65536 colour. I can say Nokia copy from Samsung, AGAIN~! So, who's the real copy cat? Nokia is damn lousy, lousy design, lousy features, expensive.

  • Anonymous

a copy of Nokia design!!! shame for samsung, shame to korea