Samsung E810

Samsung E810

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  • saiqa

Had the phone 3 days and it's not too bad. The only thing i don't like about it is the memory, Nokia phones are alot better in terms of how much videos/pictures you can store. Another Samsung without Bluetooth (not that i know what Bluetooth does!), anyway, overall not a bad phone!!

  • trish

Had this phone 4 days and loved it till I missed a call. The incoming call removes your key pad lock and does NOT put it back on when you fail to answer. Result...your phone dials who ever it wants from the bottom of your handbag/pocket!!! Any one found an answer to this problem as I do not really want to give it back. Too dangerous to keep!!!

  • Joanne (UK)

This phone is excellent I got mine today, and I couldn't ask for anything better... People in UK you can buy from on contract... But if you don't want contract then I suggest you wait for its release in shops!! Couldn't be happier!


I live in Vietnam. I want to buy two Samsung E810 immediately. How can I do it???

  • sara

i wanted to check the different colors of phone but i cant find it !!! why !!!

  • Gary

I'm not able to view the manual of Sansung E810 in your website. Can it be send over to me by E-mail ( in English ).

  • kinky

This phone will be in singapore next week interested please call 90088322

  • Kerella

They should really have included video and MP3 player with this phone. It is too lacking in features and the design is great but it does not save this phone. The INNO 75 by Innostream is basically the same phone as this but with Video and MP3 player included PLUS a 256k screen. INNO 75 is better than this phone. Sorry Samsung I love you your better at anyother phone for design but you must include all features otherwise competition phone will beat you.

  • john cole

Dear sir/Ma,I will like to make a purchase of this item (nokia 3100)and I will be buying at large (min. of 30units),Please,kindly get to me on the total cost of the phone and the payment method you prefer,Thank you as I wait your responce.Thnak you.

  • damir

The phone is very good but i can't download or delete games on it, anybody knows why?

  • Husin Angkasa

Perfect ! It's the best right now !

  • Bennie Fourie

Fantastic. What is in the box?

  • Filip

Great Cell phone. One thing that Samsung never mentions in their doc. I had to find out myself. The annoying camera click can't be turned off. Reasons of privacy. Anybody knows how to get past this?

  • ferhat

i live in can i buy this phone.

  • Joanne

Does anybody know when this phone will be release in UK? I want it desperately and can't wait much longer!! Please email me if you have any idea!! Cheers..


Nice but no Bluetooth,no expansion on memory - MMC,no 262K colour.

  • Matt Rage cheap?

269 for a Motorola V80 sim free.
I bought one a month ago from Car Phone Warehouse for 229.

  • Safe

If u want any fone for cheap then go on, its cheap and they deliver quick, with everything.
(they ARE 1st hand fones as well)


The E810 is a excellent phone, my girlfriend upgraded to it the other day and i have been playing with it. it has so many cool features on it including real tones! i would buy one however i just bought a nokia 6230 which is also cool

  • jason

wen will it be on sale???