Samsung E900

Samsung E900

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  • Kal

hmm you are right!! I guess it has the same outside keys like "LG chocolate". Can't see them when the phone is in standby mode. keys lit up when u get a call.Damn I'm in LOVE with this model! hehe.

  • rasty

i took a look at the phone and i fall in love with the phone instantly..superb design!!simple yet great features for a simple thinking guys...sorry gals ya have to skip this one...

  • WOW

Wow, very stylish! I really want this phone!

  • Anonymous

are they gonna make this phone for verizon users? I love samsung phones, but it's bothering me that I cant use this phone!!

  • Anonymous

This phone looks like the LG "chocolate" phone that is currently out in korea

  • Kal

Seems a sleek slider to me!
Couldn't find more pictures of this model though.

  • BAKS

Sumsung did get that Perfect .
But where are the keys arn't there any ????

  • Kal

I'm loosing my nurves now. Samsung is coming up with all this sleek models and I've started hating my current models.
By the time this will be out in the market..they will show something even better. Oh god!

  • Lg Hooker

another nice phone, but needs dual speakers

  • batman

i need it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

its so slim!!! whens it out i want it!

  • Anonymous

god this is a seeeexy phone!

  • kaiser stylish,adorable,eye-catching...
but it is not all about look...this phone is rich in features.....good luck sure it will be a great hit in phone market

  • Rcjian

awesome looks...

  • Derk


  • :]

Oh and you can't have your own message tones, but you'll get over that easily. Same thing as ring and vibrating at the same time, it's no big loss. If you still miss that feature after 3 months, go google and flash it to the Russian Firmware. Beware though, you flash, you stuff? Then your warranty doesn't cover it. :p