Samsung F110

Samsung F110

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  • mimin dougel

Preety black N slim good looking
I love it,

  • lee fonceca

dis samsung phones are de worst phones in mobile industry and how can dey break de record by comin out wid another worst phone

  • Full

I wait this phone from 5months. And i will buy it because i love Adidas and Samsung.

  • Anonymous

ugly phone what kind of phone is this so awful design heller

  • Anonymous

adidas badge just RUINS it. nuff said.

  • jon23

nice phone i could loss 23pounds with this

  • popo

ariya :
There is only one speaker and I am doubtful if he is loud...
maybe im WRONG but this looks like "limited" speaker
anyway this is great fhone for people who likes sports


Touch screen phone & more of music or camera ??

  • Vajee555

This phone is not a bid deal at all..

  • ariya

it has powerful speakers... good job samsung :)

  • pyrho

great cell and model.
please more pictures

Go adidas

  • Angie

Im not sure if the people who post comments here have a difficulty reading or writing. This is a SPORTS PHONE people!!!!
If you want wi-fi, get an N95 or something, if you want more music space then get an Ipod. If the phone is too big, then find something smaller. I feel that people will never ever be satisfied in this world. There's something for everyone! Im a sports person and so far this is for me!!!
Great one Samsung. Keep it up!!!!!!

  • tyler

love this phone, I need something to give me a little "determination" for running, this would be perfect for me. I do wish they could have made the FM radio have rds but i'm fine with stereo.

  • Anonymous

damn it what a great design. this is the best samsung phone :D
cant wait for it

  • Josh

Hope Samsung improve the camera. Other than that just collect my money to get one.

  • El

its a nice phone, made for acctive people how like adrenaline and movement, samsung a very good ideea

  • Anonymous

No wi fi.

  • singlelayer

I don't think some of you are seeing this phone for what it is. Yes, almost all modern handsets feature cameras, mp3 players, fashionable designs, but who dictates that that is how ALL mobiles should be? I have a lot of interest in cellphones and I'm in fact putting off a Nokia N82 for this and also may now reconsider getting the G400 for this. I love my sports (particularly running) and having never really getting back into my routine following Christmas, I think this will become an incredibly useful tool and perhaps something I cannot live without. Granted, it's not a handset that is meant for, nor will appeal to everyone, however it should be viewed as, and commented upon for it's designated purpose. My opinion is that it'll be a great device, but over time will wish it had more to offer in the way of display resolution/size & colours, as well as camera flash and either more in-built or expandable memory.

I can't wait and have already set up my miCoach programme!

  • Maximus

Would Samsung Make a Puma Brand Phone Next?...Be It a Fashionable Or Sporty Type Of Phone... =)

  • Marcelo

The design is really crap. The features are average.