Samsung Focus 2 I667

Samsung Focus 2 I667

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  • AnonD-26875

nop, 10 May 2012RAM???? no have Card slot is a shameFirst go to the school learn english then comment here...!!!!

  • anshul

just 8gb of memory and a non-HD screen makes it not worth it ! most of the things are same as focus 1

  • J

This one is beautiful and looks just like my white Lumia 710. The bigger screen is of course good reason to choose Samsung over Lumia, but there is no great Nokia apps available for this phone. So if you consider about buying WP, I recommend to choose Lumia.

  • nop

RAM???? no have Card slot is a shame

  • Anonymous

great looking wp7 device...these specs are enough for wp7 phone....equals to lumia 900..its just a half price of lumia 900...great one samsung...waiting your tizen and wp8 device and tablet..LOVE YOUR GALAXY S III

  • Lithuanian User

Shame on you Samsung! At this expected price range Nokia 800 - unbeatable

  • zizo

I do not like it

  • paopaowell

this model spec look similars with galaxy S plus 1.4Ghz

  • AnonD-51006

the processor on this phone is the OLD Snapdragon S2 8255 with Adreno 205, overclocked to 1.4 GHz!

  • Lee

AnonD-53835, 07 May 2012Hello guys, I really want to ask your opinion. Which one is... moreDepends on your preferences.

Android is highly customizable and hackable, has a huge amount of apps and supports the latest hardware.
Android can be hard to use for some and the user experience can vary from one handset to another.

Windows phone has a smooth and easy to use interface, the user experience is the same across all handsets and it has excellent built in communication support.
Windows phone doesnt provide much customization, it only supports older hardware, most handsets don't support sd cards and you have to use the proprietary zune software to transfer data to and from the phone.

  • Lee

Anand, 07 May 2012As far as I know Mango OS doesn't support dual-core process... moreYeh windows phones will not support dual core until windows phone 8 is released.

  • Fuzz

Design looks like galaxy s3 front side 90% back side 98%. Look at the camera, flash and speaker just like GS3 and its white. Lol

  • Anonymous

AnonD-53835, 07 May 2012Hello guys, I really want to ask your opinion. Which one is... moreThis is nice because finally white and a LOT lighter than the lumia's (both of them) 4 inch is practical in the hand and as long as no HD WP is possible, this is a fair bet to bridge to WP8. It definitely saves me when WP 8 comes out to have to have the first one, which will not be the best. Galaxy III is too much Note for me, than just go for the Note and have a really big screen. Oh and sorry, but I want WP to go best with my W8 PC and the rest to of the ecosystem in a few months

  • dave

8 gb? that 's bad!

  • Joe

The secondary camera could be a little bit more better, so the phone would be entirely mid-to-high-range (no top range).

  • AnonD-53835

Hello guys, I really want to ask your opinion. Which one is better, Windows or Android? I'm hoping for an answer, thank you guys for all your help.

  • Anand

As far as I know Mango OS doesn't support dual-core processor.

Anyway its a good mid range windows phone.

  • Anonymous

WP or Bada OS doesn't need Dual Core 1GB RAM etc. Specs are strong. But surprise it only has 8GB storage. Where is 16/32GB?

  • AnonD-53831

This is just a Focus with 4G network, nothing special. I expected more:
1. Higher pixel density.
2. 4.3 inch screen.
3. At least dual-core.
4. More powerful graphic processor.
5. Hi-end camera just like in Sony Xperia S.

  • jkun

it is very good phone,i am waiting to buy this phone eagerly,nice 7.5 can we upgrade to tango.