Samsung G810

Samsung G810

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  • Anonymous

I think it will be since it will going to run on symbian 60series.

  • mw

i hope this phone can take crazy customization like the sony and nokia phone's

  • Anonymous

To Lewis...

I work in mobile store in australia. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. I currently have 3 early life failure n95 8gb, and 5 n95 early life failures in my back storeroom getting ready to be sent off. They are a rubbish phone, with poor user interface, poor quality, slow, freeze, screen quality is crap, and all round nightmare phone. Samsung rep came out and showed us this beauty. Screen quality is great although under sunlight like most samsungs does lose a bit of visibility. Camera is incredible night/day thanks to great flash, build quality is supurb, user interface is easy and has a good feel. Seemed to work quite fast also and didnt freeze. Camera was a bit slow to save photo's though which was only glitch in an otherwise marvelous phone. shame its not a touch phone, why didn't the F490 have these features :(

  • Anonymous

first and quality...xenon flash...and the list goes on and on and on..

  • jackal

i am just confused about price. it's 9/10. nokia n95 already 7/10. which advantages this phone had?

  • crapy

Why would anyone want to risk paying top $$$ for this just to find out the features are inferior to n95 since n95 is the bench mark and has been out for years. And even nokia has surpassed its own n95 with n82 IMO and soon to release n96 with DVB.
Sorry you lost me at Samsung.
Samsung = Imitate nokia.

  • sue

does it performance is too bad? tis hp loks cool...u700 and u600 also 256kb color with 3mp camera, the picture is good so how could g810's camera can be that worse

  • Hmmm

How is it possible that the G810 is rated LOWER than G800?

  • Lewis

This phone is incredibly disapointing. Its horribly boring. And bulky just like the g800 which was a dire handset. Ive demoed and tested the handset as I work for o2 in the UK. The camera is poor to. I just cant see how they justify giving the g800 and g810 a 256k colour screen with a brilliant camera when the g600 has a worse camera but 16 million colour screen. The optical zoom in aweful aswell. Id give it 3 for design, 5 for features 2 for performance. It just doesnt have what it takes. Get an N95i 8gig black edition or the lg Viewty if you want a decent camera phone. The g810 and g800 are ugly, horrible to use, aren't worth their price tag and dont performe the way they should. Of course this is my own opinion strongly pointed out but alot of my customers have agreed when trying the phone out. Your choice, just please try the phone before you buy :)

  • jon23

its not a copy of nokia smarthpones they just and only JUST!! share the same Operating System which is symbian ofcourse what else?? what else you people are expecting to be diff. from other nokia phones??

  • Kal

Symbian is yet to go touchscreen kim.

  • kim

Where is Tuchscreen????????

  • Ace Trea

There is entirely to much hype about this phone already, for nobody to know how to get one of their own. Samnsung need to do something about this. Make the contacts and post it on your web site. Help everybody out. GSM ARENA

  • bryn

I hate it when people ask where can you get it from and how much..How about leaving were you live at least!!!,,it going to be different price in different countrys and different currency and different is also not going to be released in all countrys and each shop in each country will have different prices???????

  • Mr. Von

may I know when this phone in stores now?because I wanna buy s g810,how much?!
s g810 is impressive,look good and I like the design.

  • david

hi i think it is very good nice phone of samsung.very nice........... it can win.... better than nokia.g810 the best camera is the best.wowwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Kal


Oh you mean, you missed it where it says -------"If it wasn't for the awkward keypad, we would totally call it better than its market rivals."----------

and what more,.. GSMarena reviewed a beta G810.

  • Martin

Hi guys. I will tell you one thing- this phone is made by Nokia and it;s a copy of N80 with the upgrades of course, like the camera and the GPS only IR is missing but there is no problem with that The phone is PERFECT and i will have it at all cost! But i am asking if the phone has also black outfit or something dark becouse the only thing i don't like is that grey-white collor which doesn;s fit the phone, i saw pictures over the enternet that thare is samsung with darker outfit but i am no shure can you tell me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Anonymous

omfg this is gonna be one heck of a phone symbian os xenon flash 5 mp!!!! 3.5mm jack this is gonna give the n95 a good run and i totally trust samsung phone cams!!! i feel this is a must have and it looks ohh so sexy :d :p

  • Anonymous

to all those nokia fans:
is there something special in the review that claims the N95 and all those N series are better than the G810? even the audio quality is better than those of nokias . nokia is a good brand too. but don't just talk from the stomach.