Samsung Galaxy 551

Samsung Galaxy 551

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  • junoarev

indonesia is waiting for this i5510 :D

  • Submodalities

Come to Indonesia...We are eagerness to try you ;-) By the way, how much is it RAM?

  • Abusarah

Indonesia's waiting for u!

  • Steve

According to latest news, it actually has a 1Ghz processor:

  • tigerguru

looks promising hoping for a price of around 200 usd

  • wow

RajeeV, 03 Sep 2010Make this Avilable in India By Diwlai & it mine...i wan... moregood to know son. 13k is a lil bit too cheap

  • san

look nice..hope it will available in Malaysia.. not just for a specific country..

  • Nitish

I wish it has a gpu ....

  • Steve

Yay :) This could be my next phone. Looks a fair bit smaller than the Epic too, which can only be a good thing. Downside... slower processor, probably no flash, and no amoled screen. But I'd trade good battery life for all of these features so...fingers crossed :D

  • RajeeV

Make this Avilable in India By Diwlai & it mine...i wanted a Slide out QWERTY with Andriod ...price should b 13k :D

  • stunning

how is this better than Spica? ( beside 5meg cam)