Samsung Galaxy 551

Samsung Galaxy 551

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  • Anonymous

amazing phone..!!! had beed serving me for 7 years..very durable..its good spend money..

  • AnonD-734268

i have this phone and working well, even it can read special character, code so on engine, body flawless only need to replace batt since its been used long enough

  • Cole R

Old today, good phone at the time. Very tough. survived 2 years of constant dropping ( tiny chip in corner), low memory so I just used opera mini.

I still to this day miss its keyboard. and the fact it actually fits in your pocket.

The only thing to bring the death of this phone, was one night it fell behind my bed plugged in ( when I grabbed it, usb plug bent wrong way) the micro plug in detached from the soldered on part of its memory.

  • AnonD-543877

I own it since August 2011 and still using it. Besides its technology has been outdated, it is still working fine even after flashing many times, it only gives problem with its wifi. It is working but i have to reboot system after toggling wifi 4-5 times on/off cause it gives error.
People says their cellphones are slow and hanging but they never have dealt with this model and people still using this can handle any hardware with their patience. :P
Probably the best model built by Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Mine is alive since 2010. After many flashed roms, falls and heavy use, the only thing damaged is wifi and I think that was on me. Best money I've ever spent.

  • ian

Gayan, 16 Feb 2016This Samsung Galaxy 551 is a very good but it is shockproof. It ... morehow you get it to wotk on wifi ?

  • Gayan

This Samsung Galaxy 551 is a very good but it is shockproof. It started the system and then working! It is in a good health in more than 5 years old.

  • kaioitalo

Navs, 01 May 2015Excellent phone, that served me for around 5 years. Tried to use... moreme too :D great phone!

  • AnonD-402759

Awesssome Phone which is still running smooth still with me for more than 5 years, I am now getting a new Oneplus pne but still wish to use this phone and not sell it off, phone was dropped so many times from my hands, but still worked great without any issues.

only problem it gives me now is the battery drainout even after replacing with the new, but overall rating is 5 on 5 for this phone

  • Navs

Excellent phone, that served me for around 5 years. Tried to use the phone 'till it would not work anymore. In the end it wore me out instead...Today i am swapping it for a Asus Zenfone 5.Hope i get atleast 1.5 years usage from it.

  • mung

Reuben, 04 Dec 2013Same here i am regreting this phone now i bought a new galaxy ne... moreOh no! Instead of throwing it away, just t

  • lanos

Phone does not charge from wall only charge from USB

  • fan511

Excellent and durable phone, that served me for 3.5 years. With a bit quicker processor and newer Android I'd be still using it.

Tried to use the phone 'till it would not work anymore. In the end it wore me out instead. Great keyboard too.

  • sbs

I had this mob for some time nice keyboard. but os is outdated very low internal storage.

  • bashion

can some one help in downloading facebook plz coz it shhows error 498 and i av reset my phone hlp out plz

  • Haxor

This phone is really bad, but can be rooted and upgraded to Android KK 4.4.4. The stock rom is horrible unless you are a tech geek and can root and install custom rom dont get it.

  • dmr

Download facebook massenger it is same as like i have this mobile i dwnload and use

  • Deepi

can someone please help in downloading facebook application?

  • nature

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2014why i cannot able to download facebook app, while downloading fr... moreyes i am able to download the facebook app

  • david

Johnerist Will, 26 Mar 2014Rather than u throw it away, better give it to me, i can upgrade... morehow will you do it????