Samsung Galaxy 551

Samsung Galaxy 551

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  • Johnerist Will

Reuben, 04 Dec 2013Same here i am regreting this phone now i bought a new galaxy ne... moreRather than u throw it away, better give it to me, i can upgrade that phone to 4.4 kitkat firmware..

  • Anonymous

Emma, 15 Sep 2012When trying to download an app it says, it is not compatible wit... moreHi Emma,
Did you got the solution for the question you asked

I am also facing the same problem now.

  • Anonymous

why i cannot able to download facebook app, while downloading from the market, download was unsuccessful.

Anyone using this mobile can able to download facebook messager or app?

  • Anonymous

If you want to power your old phone, to have it faster, and solve the storage space just use CyanogenMod 7 (this one is stable and everything works). I regret it for not do it long time ago!!­=1861186

follow the steps and you can have a new phone!

  • nivin

gen-X, 24 Feb 2014You have to give this smartphone a custom ROM, Lin2SD, RAM Expan... morei install link2sd.... But i cant move my Apps or games to sd card.... My phone says that rebot my mobile..... How can i reboot my mobile

  • gen-X

You have to give this smartphone a custom ROM, Lin2SD, RAM Expander to get its full potential. It still can be used fine for my everyday needs: browsing, email, SMS, twitter, Tapatalk.

  • AnonD-221564

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2013hey buddy....if u update the same @ home takes hardly 6-7 ... moreI want to upgrade my 551, i love it. most people are right low space, and der are apps i cant use. i was wonring how do you upgrade from home?

  • kp

nice mobile i like it.....

  • Anonymous

Not so much of a good phone, compared to today's technology.

Software wise, it sucks ass. Low internal memory and lots of useless apps you can't uninstall.

Now for the hardware, it's really nice. Keyboard is better than any other phones, with the keys being big enough so that you won't accidentally press 2 at the same time. Really nice.

Overall, DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. There are much better options today (2013), so this phone is outdated.

  • Reuben

Santha, 28 Oct 2013i have this phone from 3 years and it SUCKS...... i bought it at... moreSame here i am regreting this phone now i bought a new galaxy nexus and threw dis phone in d dustbin

  • subham

good phone .really this phone will helpful .

  • AnonD-203263

in my earlier stage when i hv this i was so excited but there is a prob where it always didn't display the software icons on mob whenever i off & on my mob. so for that i hv to move to phone memory & there is also too low capacity of internal memory 160 mb, now there is mob of high internal capacity where this mob is too short to compare to any other smartphones but i like keypad. i hv this mob for a 3 years & even now i didn't bored but like to get new mob like samsung grand, s2 & other big mobiles......

  • Santha

i have this phone from 3 years and it SUCKS...... i bought it at 15000 and now i am not able to sell this phone even Rs.4000/- :( bad choice :'(

  • Anonymous

this phone sucks, after a little while with it the stand by button started to just turn the phone off and now the thing just turns off way to often, im sick of it and it was way to expensive for the kind of phone

  • AnonD-197271

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2012My wife just got this phone and it seems like a great phone. We ... moreThe problem is you bought a ford.

  • Anonymous

I have this phone, and as a teenager, I hate it!
Not enough data, cost WAY too much for the quality, and not enough space. Save your money for a better phone!

  • Krishna

I used this for 2 mnth less to three want to change

  • Anonymous

I love the key board but I'm ready to throw it out a window. Very slow, no internal memory, loaded with useless default apps the phone wont let you delete, and crashes and has to force close Facebook messenger almost every time I open the app.

  • f.s

The phone is nice but it crashes too many times in 1 week...Also not enough internal memory

  • AnonD-178470

Loves very much this phone, 2 years with me & I haven't trouble with this phone..