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Anonymous, 22 hours agoand thennnnn???It has 2x ARM Cortex-A75 and a 6x ARM Cortex-A55 and it uses the Unisoc ums9230 chipset

  • Rabitu

mikaa, 16 May 2022can anyone tell me if the SELFIE camera is good ? ive seen ... moreYes, the front selfie cam is great, you can also do wide- angle on it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 May 2022It is Unisoc T606and thennnnn???

  • Anonymous

cant belive that i bought this phone and it preforms well! i mean beside its a budget phone usually samsung dont optimize these phone well but this one is really great and the only thing i notice and its not a downside for me at all its normal is when you boot the phone it take little time to respond when try to touch or unlock after that no issues no lag or hangup unless ur doing very heavy duty load...and am a light user just as i use it for calls, msg and internet like browsing, youtube, mails and some light games as for the screen pretty bright and as for the sound pretty decent loud enough for the usual daily use.

  • Im Human

This phone have good performance.
This phone is 3 times faster than samsung galaxy a20s.
And with long battery life.
This is awesome.

  • Anonymous

Keyboard Warrior, 17 May 2022And why is there no processor on this one? It is Unisoc T606

And why is there no processor on this one?

can anyone tell me if the SELFIE camera is good ? ive seen reviews on youtube and they all seem great

Decent & snappy performance not for gaming tho , feels very cheap on the back could have use stronger back still plastic but bit durable and less clicky 😄 , networks still feel quite slow compared to other companies but hey you shouldn't expect much for its price 😀

Butterfly, 12 May 2022Hello. Is anyone here experience that even if the vibration... moreI'm sure you can find the proper toggles on setting cant do through silent button.

  • Anonymous

Bis, 10 May 2022Pls I’m using iPhone 11pro max but I need a second phone to... moreBuy a03. You will be surprised by snappy performance and very long battery life.

  • Butterfly

Hello. Is anyone here experience that even if the vibration is off, it still does vibrate? Thank you.

  • Anonymous

Bis, 10 May 2022Pls I’m using iPhone 11pro max but I need a second phone to... morePlease do not buy the a03 core, the a03 is a much better option.

  • Bis

Pls I’m using iPhone 11pro max but I need a second phone to be driving bolt and u we cos I don’t want to damage my iPhone. So I’m contemplating on buying the A03 core or A03 since I won’t be doing much with it aside the driving apps and maps… no games amd not bothered about storage

  • Poor student

Overall a decent phone, mine works well and I have few complaints so far.
It has a powerful battery with moderate use I can easily go a day without charging. The camera is a bit bad and it can be slow at times.
If you need a good phone for a cheap price, I recommend it :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2022The biggest liar company is SAMSUNG Worst service ... Wors... morewhy u said like that???

might take your battery to last long in less than 2 or 3 days with small usage

1hour usage of apps and videos will likely decrease the battery percentage to 10% only
1hour youtube (100%-90%)
1hour fb, messenger or some apps(90% to 81%)

bought the phone last week, did a full on tests on everything, seems capable, battery from light use (social media) will get you full on 10 hours if mobile data is used, WiFi for 14 hours, gaming on this phone with the following
(unit is at 32gb)
Arknights(100% to 91%-1 hour gameplay)
(100% to 76% 2 to 4 hours gameplay)

FGO same as well with Arknights

PGR(punishing gray raven) settings high and ultra with high FPS and bloom, hdr on as well
(100% to 85% 2 hours gameplay)

UI is kinda decent with edge panels being available here rather than the A13 lacking one

adoptable storage is kinda good as well, recommend to use the new Evo Plus 2021 SD cards from Samsung(64gb was used)

Vulkan is available

zram is available

good 4g receptions at 50mbps if ur location is decent

camera-meh as usual with budget phones, but gotta like the night mode and hyperlapse for staying lol

charging from 15 to 100 percent takes you to 2h 15 mins, just beware of having the phone charge so fast eventually it might break the battery, luckily the degrading of the battery and charging was set back to normal when it reached 50 percent, it kinda recalibrated somehow?? who knows

no gyro but acceleration is available, adaptive brightness works

no knox but some apps are available like Samsung Health and Secure Folder somehow

its heats up when you play at 60fps in some games

  • Millicent

I bought this phone it doesn't have earphones

  • Anonymous

Camera is bad