Samsung Galaxy A03 Core

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core

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  • fbfg

great phone easy budget and easy and the only the problem is SPACE IS ONLY32 but

  • Anonymous

humpty, 01 Jan 202228nm SOC because it packs AI for face ID and bandwith boost... morethats just marketing bs, this processor doesn't have any AI features at all. Just a regular low end unisoc SoC. The screen isn't 1080p so I can't agree with you and "face ID" is probably just still taking a picture of your face with possibly slight 3D things

For that price I would recommend Nokia 3.4 or if you are on a tight budget , get Nokia 2.4 . Both better than that Samsung

  • Tgets

Its the best affordable phone from sumsung

No brainer to fork out only $50 more and get something better that will pay itself back to you in the years after.

  • humpty

cheetah, 28 Dec 2021wow! this device can go straight into garbage. 28nm, poor q... more28nm SOC because it packs AI for face ID and bandwith boosters for comms.
+1080p. That's a bargain for a $100 phone.

  • Mandy

Complete waste of money...dont buy it i am using it since last 2 weeks and its pathetic..lags too much..better go in with other brands in entry level

  • Anonymous

By making these kind of phones when there are strong competitors like real me giving higher specs in same low price samsung is loosing it low budget market

  • cheetah

wow! this device can go straight into garbage. 28nm, poor quality screen and a tiny amount of ram make the perfect lag experience. oh and let's not forget the absolute excuse of a processor in this phone. samsung we need more phones like this but please load them up with a snapdragon or an exynos and add a better screen

  • AnonD-977150

CptPower, 27 Dec 2021We already have Samsung A03, A02s and A02 why we need A03 c... moreBut you will be surprised on how many they sell

  • AnonD-977150

It's got a very unusual looking back to it even more so in real life, the black looks like a freshly laid tarmac road texture. I kind of like it's unique look!

  • No name

I want to buy this phone but still doubt to. What if this compare with infinix smart 6 which one is the best

  • Jeager

mosi, 22 Dec 2021this phone has focus?This phone made for low income per person, as you know India, Chine, Asia, Afrika, Turkey etc

We already have Samsung A03, A02s and A02 why we need A03 core???
There is enough bloatware and low end devices to spend money on.
Making ths phone wasnt necesarry.

  • Ted

Samsung we want Android 12 go edition for Samsung galaxy M02. Bcz the cpu is low performance.

  • mosi

Anonymous, 20 Dec 2021Am using the phone is very nicethis phone has focus?

It has the "core" on its name. So it really means for core usage of smartphone which is as communication devices. And for people that have very tight budget and just really need a basic tasks like whatsapp and call, i can see this phone is pretty useful especially with that 5000mAh of battery.

  • itsaboutdriveitsabou

a 28nm cpu wtf?
is this mf using like a ivy bridge intel cpu or what?

  • Anonymous

Am using the phone is very nice

  • Hanjek89

Android go is nice, very clean, easy and fast, dont worry about 28nm chip, it works nice! Overall i like this phone. Thanks samsung.