Samsung Galaxy A10s

Samsung Galaxy A10s

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  • Anonymous

does it support 5 ghz wifi

  • K Mughal

November security patch in pakistan?

  • Anonymous

All mobile companies must add compasses . Compass sensors are cheap , will not incease cost much and will incease buying of mobiles. Compasses are funny , useful to know ways and may rescue some people .

  • Elorm

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2019Anybody faced with weak touch sensitivity when device is on... moreSimilar problem when phone on flat surface touchscreen unresponsive..any solution?..or update may resolve it?

  • Anonymous

Anybody faced with weak touch sensitivity when device is on the desk or table ?

I don't understand why good lock doesn't work with the phone and the blue light filter intensity cannot be changed. Phone lags a fair bit aswell and the cameras are just..... Bad.

  • GoviDeSilva

go for Xiaomi Redmi 8.

way better than A10s, in every aspect.
Battery (redmi 8 : 5000mAh)
Fast Charging (only in redmi 8)
and many more.

  • Persia

very good device esp battery & UI. much batter than A10, its like A20

  • Anonymous

Coming from an iPhone 6+, this is fine for me.
If I we're to nitpick though, here are the things I miss on my 6+;
1) 1080p screen. To some it may not matter, but to me it does.
2) SOME features that are default to iOS. (ex; to go back you swipe at the left corner)
3) Camera quality. I just prefer the sharpness of the 6+. Color wise, I like the A10s'
4) An overall more polished os. (The A10s shows delay on simple stuff (ex. opening from lockscreen takes 1-2secs, and other little things)

But honestly, you can get by with the A10s if it's the only thing you can afford. If not, go with other phones. (A20/30, Realme 3/5, Redmi Note 7/8, etc..)

  • bakla

Samsung died a long time ago, only their flagships are worth checking out (or other expensive handset they release).

  • Boeboe

Not a powerfull processor.

  • shirin

why i cant record call on phone

  • andu

I can't Hard Rest my Samsung Galaxy A10S

  • A

Vivo u20 midrange for 130euro.

  • Hi

Daniel, 13 Nov 2019Is *#0*# code working on A10s?whats the code?

  • ?

no never had that forgot my phone in the freezer its still ok

  • someone?

I really like it its awsome its better than my xpensive Huawei
(except modern smartphones only accept nano sim)

  • Rabbani

Screen freezes even after factory reset A10s phone . Please any solution???

  • Anonymous

Kashif, 14 Nov 2019No it doesn't. Nor does it have features like Samsung Secur... moreMy phone is a10s but made in china

Tony, 17 Oct 2019Why is there disparities as regards maker of the phone? I... morego for realme3, it has same price retail with this one. myb redmi note 6 or other model with sd632/ sd636 / p60. much better performance price under 150 euro.