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Samsung Galaxy A11

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MikeM, 28 Oct 2022Got my Samsung Galaxy A11 since 2017. Not sure about this m... morepunch hole display phones weren't even exist at 2017.
it started from 2020.

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    • Darryl Capistrano
    • t7W
    • 02 Feb 2023

    I love this phone because this phone is my first ever phone that I buy with my own money🥰

      Anonymous, 16 Oct 2022Got android 12 update last night and enabled ram plus optio... morerip emmc chip lol!!!!
      i mean, its not like ram plus feature gonna do anything but occupies your storage for nothing.

        Rebin Tunign, 21 Jan 2023This is absolutely the worst phone i've ever owned in ... moreothers might like the a11 because its the cheapest phone with punch hole display. though its got 720p screen resolution. sometimes its about sound quality through its 3.5mm jack.
        to avoid lags for the galaxy a11 stay on its factory firmware. never update any. snapdragon 450 might be the best but not for gaming.

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          • Rebin Tunign
          • nsA
          • 21 Jan 2023

          This is absolutely the worst phone i've ever owned in my whole life, i'm very glad that i've got rid of this thing. some people love it but i can't see how at all! the poco M3 seems to be a much better choice, it comes with more ram, more storage, has a better camera and MIUI interface. worst of all is the 4 gb ram version is rare as hell, the snapdragon brand name might be intimidating to you and me for their reputation with their chipsets however this isn't a tough snappy and fast and powerful snapdragon 8 gen 1, 888, or even 870 and whilst those are very strong chipsets not meant for phones of the same range you can get phones with a SD (snapdragon) 680! which isn't THAT impressive however it gets the job done and is decent, i remember when i had my A5 a few years ago and even that felt snappy even though it has a worse CPU than this and that's because of one thing and only one thing! the operating system! the A11 can now be updated to android 12 which might seem nice yes but it isn't if you're going deeper than the saying "on paper" because android 12 isn't as optimized as android 8! (that might be obvious) but still my question is why make such a phone? you could just do a xiaomi move and make a actual decent phone for such a price range and everyone would benefit! either way i don't recommend this phone in any way unless you seriously don't work with it at all and are unaware of the living world, and also if you live under a rock this might just work out for you in some ways but i doubt it will.

            • H
            • Habib
            • rZL
            • 27 Dec 2022

            when I connect it to the Internet for like 5 Minutes my phone is dead and I have to go and sleep and come back. The worst phone that I have ever had!

              Do you update your A11?

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                • Anonymous
                • Nek
                • 24 Dec 2022

                The worest phone in the whole world just like computer in 1979 not a samsung phones

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                  • Bpro
                  • iV%
                  • 13 Dec 2022

                  Why is the samsung galaxy a11 so trash with games graphics

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 4qS
                    • 22 Nov 2022

                    Anonymous, 28 Jun 2022Do not buy this phone it is an absolute piece of trash I am... moreI agree, my sim card goes out constantly my network is not recognized spoke with carrier for my phone was told they were informed of the issues I have to restart most of the time it also goes into emergency calling only, I would not recommend this phone to anyone if I knew first what I was going to have with it. OMG it let me type and stay on now the secret is to see if I can send this message reply

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                      • subsibe
                      • LBa
                      • 13 Nov 2022

                      I had my Galaxy A11 from 2020-2022 it is a very decent phone for its price like for once a good cheap phone would be this

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                        • Anonymous
                        • KgV
                        • 08 Nov 2022

                        MikeM, 28 Oct 2022Got my Samsung Galaxy A11 since 2017. Not sure about this m... moreAre you had the A11 in 2017? Samsung didn't have 2-digit A-series names (A(cost/class)(generation)) until 2019 and there's no other brand A11 in the GSMArena DB).

                          Does this still work with the "upgraded" telecom lines in the USA?

                            • M
                            • MikeM
                            • 010
                            • 28 Oct 2022

                            Got my Samsung Galaxy A11 since 2017. Not sure about this march 2020 launch date nonsense.

                              What's the storage of your phone


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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • SYx
                                  • 16 Oct 2022

                                  Got android 12 update last night and enabled ram plus option. Now the phone is 2× faster than before.

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                                    • A11Guy
                                    • 8@Q
                                    • 15 Oct 2022

                                    Android 12 update is rolling out for the A115F
                                    i have personally have a (TCE) Telcel Galaxy A11 and no update 😕

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                                      • Cleo
                                      • I@a
                                      • 09 Oct 2022

                                      After updating my a11 to android 12 I have a lot of software bug I can't use my phone properly because of Ghost touch

                                        Lol, show me these expensive Realme and Xiaomi devices with performant chips that are stuck on android 10/11 and haven't gotten a security update in a year.
                                        You sound like the most insecure Samsung fan boy ever.