Samsung Galaxy A11

Samsung Galaxy A11

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  • Kujtim Zymeri

YOSHIKO, 14 Oct 2020It's ok for the price your paying. A series has ton... moreWell said. Logycal.

is genshin impact playable here???

  • Anonymous

At least add a compass sensor to it . Compass sensor is not expensive and will not increase its price . Compass is funny and may save life .

  • Gabby

I bought this phone 3 days ago when i just bought it its pretty good and i like the 15 watts fast charging because it only takes an half hour and the bad side is the storage is just 2 times the storage of my first samsung Grand Prime Pro and The Battery Is only 4000 mAh and some games are not laggy and some games are laggy but THIS IS THE BEST BUDGET PHONE OF SAMSUNG Love From The Philippines :)

  • T7

Phone Man, 03 Oct 2020Hey Austin, you should leave profanity out of your reviews ... moreI think you are sensitive...

Hunter, 12 Oct 2020Hello friend, i juat got one today and am also excited but ... moreIt's ok for the price your paying.

A series has tons of option.
If you choose lower than A51 just don't expect much.

  • Hunter

sandy, 14 Aug 2020i have already ordered for it but after negative comments i... moreHello friend, i juat got one today and am also excited but dont know yet about all these comments here. Hopefully i hope my CASH isn't wasted

  • Hayatudeen

Please does this A11 have split screen? And how goos is it interms of screen display and camera?

please i know this phone supports camera 2 api, but google camera doesnt work on it. can someone please point me to a version of google camera that works on this phone.

I brought Galaxy A11 one month ago, It is a super cool mobile phone with all necessary features which required to use in daily life. Camera is awesome front and rear both. Good Battery Life and super fast charging. It is an Awesome Mobile in a reasonable price... I Love It... Samsung Rocks Again...! I tell you one thing "samsung haters just go away don't give fake comments here"...

  • Khurm

3rd class phone camera result very bad and sometimes not work properly don't waste money i used this phone


Raja, 05 Oct 2020Hey . I am using realme c3 . I feel. Touch is not responsiv... moreno don't, got a free one forced on me thru T mobile until I could get Sony Xperia or a Sharp. Boy did he lie thru his teeth too,from phone to monthly charges. Just got it immediately started loosing the many,many useless apps but the battery still discharged in third of the time my crappy Walmart one did,and it took two hrs. to charge. I can say that my photos from my ZTE and other one look amazing on here,didn't loose another of definition expanded and I shot a lot of distant ufo stuff. Going outside now to try Camara but omd phones had sub parr cameras, seems to me it's more about the screen and pixels.everythings a Hassel to pull off, to many stupid apps in triple lots of things double,triple. Either scrub the lot and stick with google or theirs which sent me to Google anyway to try and get an app thru them when hooking up the phone because as usual Google tells you your password is wrong so around and around.waiting for this one to over heat and just die soon like I keep reading about galaxy and LG phones.

  • Stacey

Terrible phone, one thing after another stopped working. By week 3 I realized it was the phone not me.
Carrier was useless, Samsung was disappointing. Visited carrier in less then 3 weeks was blown off, contacted help. Oh told me to take back to carrier and get loaner phone.......not possible. Sent me to an autherized repair place and to have it checked out. Diagnostics failed miserably , left me with the option to send it in for repair and no phone.
Very disappointed in Samsung, now have to pay for a worthless phone. Went back to former carrier and old phone. Will no longer buy anything made by Samsung

  • Lemuel

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2020Cannot use the Wifi. Only works at home and at work. What&#... moreJust update the phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2020I don't get why the front camera is blurry (like reall... moreSame here

  • Mamal

Snapdragon 450 - 11nm ???? Its 14nm

Raja, 05 Oct 2020Hey . I am using realme c3 . I feel. Touch is not responsiv... moreGo for the Redmi 9. It's great! Provides a G80, FHD+ Display, Ultrawide camera, Type-C, and 5000 mAh battery! It's a steal for the price!

  • Raja

Hey . I am using realme c3 . I feel. Touch is not responsive properly . I wana change with Samsung a11 . I am playing games i nean Harvey games. Wat u think . Should i go for a11 . Samsung a11 . Please suggest me. Thanks

  • Anonymous

Misileboy, 03 Oct 2020Please does it lag when playing gamesI would say that the Snapdragon 450 isn't really a powerful chipset. If you are serious about gaming, unfortunately at least a chip like the Exynos 9611 or Snapdragon 665 or a Mediatek Helio P65 is necessary. SD450 is a chip built for efficiency with battery, not for gaming. You will notice lag on higher-end graphics and maybe to get 60fps you need to turn down the settings to low.

  • Melo

Misileboy, 03 Oct 2020Please does it lag when playing gamesWatch on youtube .