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Samsung Galaxy A11

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  • ATX Matt

Terrible. Pros are a large battery and dimmable flashlight.
Cons: everything else. Slow processor, macro camera doesn't work at all, other pictures are terrible and delayed, bloated and crippled by Samsung "customization" and privacy grabs.
Buy pretty much anything else, or maybe this for $40 if you must.

  • Anonymous

Nee nee, 07 Sep 2020Horrible phone Please do not buy Company should recall th... moreIt's ridiculous. It is not an upgrade at all. I have taken this phone back to Boost after purchase. I downloaded my regular social media. Storage was too full. How? Then I couldn't answer calls. On the 4th day I took it back they said the data saver settings were incorrect. Ok. And I asked both sales reps how do I get out of this phone. It is a POS. You guys allow returns. And one of the salesman us the one that sold me the POS. Well all you can do is buy another phone and if you get another number then I can give you the discounted price. Wth. I have

  • Kevlar stone

a cheap charging cord thats so short you have to put it on the floor because its too short to reach top of nightstand. 200 bucks? A waste, and the pop up ads are a joke.

  • Anonymous

Bought A11 4 days ago to replace a broken A20. I was told it was a lateral phone, not a downgrade. For the upgrade, it would have been another $100 so I chose the lateral replacement. This phone is junk. I paid $200 total and it like a 10 year old phone plus I put in additional memory. Videos are worthless. Company will not let me turn it in for an upgrade after 4 days. I wish I would have done my own research and read the reviews. I took the salesperson's word for it. Big $$ mistake.

  • Salekun

Not a bad phone at that price range. But one should not use it as a primary device to use internet or take selfie. If you need good results with faster internet and beautiful selfie go for highrange phones!

TFT display in a phone in 2020. Oh come on Samsung

  • Nee nee

Horrible phone
Please do not buy
Company should recall this phone and give us all our money back

  • Liana

This phone is trash, first phone last 2 day, I when to return it, gave me a second one last 10 days and now they refuse take it back. Don't buy this phone.

  • Lalo

Bought one today.
Not registered yet.
Dont know 3GB/4GB RAM
4G/5G Support.
Wish me luck....

  • Khuan

Sean, 05 Sep 2020Selfie is too badFor me, the photos take by SAMSUNG Galaxy A11 in the bright places are mostly the same with the 8MP camera on HUAWEI, Xiaomi Redmi and realme.

If you want to take selfie in the dark places, it's better to take with rear camera with auto flash on.

  • Sean

To be honest A11 camera is bad.i think j4 camera is better than A11

  • Sean

Khuan , 23 Aug 2020Can I know what are the problems of your SAMSUNG Galaxy A11? Selfie is too bad

Mandy86, 02 Sep 2020This ohone has been one of the better phone i have biught i... moreI have no issues with mine either.

  • Khuan

kamel alg, 02 Sep 2020Are you sure about that? Because I've seen a lot of we... moreI am sure about that because I am using SAMSUNG Galaxy A11 with July security patch now in Malaysia.


Actually not that bad good daylight photos and reliable battery and processor

  • Thiags

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2020This phone is one of the worst pieces of technology i have ... moreYeah it's tru9. Worst phone from Samsung. Wasted my money

  • Hidey

M really dissatisfied with A11 the front camera is too dark and the back is not at God.l bought it on Monday 1 September.l regret wasting my money Huawei was far much better than this shit

  • Mandy86

This ohone has been one of the better phone i have biught in recent years.
I dont u derstand the complaints about it. the sound is good on mine. Its NOT slow. Does everything i want it to. Has finger and face recignition which both work well. The camera is decent. Its not the best. But nothing really is unless your paying out your butt for it.
I personnal had to write this because it was upsetting me somewhat! .. because unless your phones were just faulty badly manufactured .. or handled.
But this phone has nit had one single problem!! Recommend it.
And i bought it without contract for 350. When it first came out.
So it better be ! :) have a great day, and thanks android!!!
Apple can go to hell!!!

Khuan, 18 Aug 2020SAMSUNG Galaxy A11 is using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor. Are you sure about that? Because I've seen a lot of websites saying it has exynos 7904 so I'm confused

  • Anonymous

This phone is one of the worst pieces of technology i have ever used