Samsung Galaxy A11

Samsung Galaxy A11

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  • Anonymous

This phone is good for its price I love this phone the only thing I don't like about it is the camera it's not that good if you like taking pictures this phone is not for you if you don't care about

  • turboturtle

I wouldn't even give this phone a 1. The camera is bad, it drops calls on a consistent basis, phone no longer voice dials. Overall the phone is not worth the money spent on it and it is a low end line of cell phone to purchase. As what they say about electronics you get what you pay for, but in this case it is worse than what you pay for. Not recommended for purchase.

  • the las

man my note 5 has only 1 camera but is better than a triple camera a11 and one camera in the a11 is mostly useless but its not worth it but good for people that cant afford or make roblox alts buy running games on that phone is laggy

  • Wow

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2021No matter what. Do not buy this phone. Buy infinix or even ... moreSuprized my galaxy note 5 is far better than the 2019 a11

  • Switching phone

Dont buy but buy if you dont have money or if u want alot of phones but the quality of this is bad and i perfer switching to a51 or a52 or iphone xs

  • Camelia

hello everyone that reads this im writing about this no good for nothing piece of trash phone. If I would had been told before I bought this phone about the troubles it was having, I would not have bought it. Thats a whole different show though because im very upset with metro about that also. So let me tell you, like when I first bought the galaxy A11 phone I was not even warned about the problems it was having. Now .that is really poor customer service, if you know that this item is having bad reviews, I believe you should tell any customer that pcs the phone up and before they day a word you as a employee of metro should say, oh no sir or ma'am, this phone has had many bad reviews and you should choose another Samsung device until these problems are resolved. I mean that's what I would have done as a Metro by TMobile employee. Because as soon as I left the store and jumped in my car I tried calling my mom and it would say the phone is out of network. Pissed me off because I tried over and over to use the damn phone and couldn't I lost so much money and I lost my s.s benefits behind this piece of crap phone I had all my data atvthe end of the month and now it will only work fro. Home so be I go anywhere I let them know that⁸I'm on my way and won't be able to use my phone or my devise at all. I'm very upset iv paid my bill when I believe i should have had at lease paid half of my bill. I'm below low income and need a phone because of Dr's appointments that I have missed because my phone don't ring or i can't text i can't use the internet or NOTHING IM VERY UPSET THAT THE METRO STORE REPRESENTIVE DID NOT WARN ME ABOUT THE ISSUE THE PHONE WAS HAVING. I HAVE BEEN WITH METRO SINCE IT STARTED AND I HAD MY WHOLE FAMILY AND FRIENDS SWITCH TO METRO AND I AM PROUD TO BE A METRO CUSTOMER THEY ARE GREAT UNTIL THIS HAPPENED I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW THEY STILL CHARGE ME AFTER LOOKING at my data AND THEY SEEM I HAD ALL MY DATA STILL UNUSED ANDTHEY WANTED TO GIVE ME 5 DOLLARS OF MY 65$ PLAN. I lost SO MUCH BEHIND THIS PHONE NOT FUNCTIONING PROPERLY SO I am not finished with this im going to go all the way because metro had shown me that they really don't give a Rats As about me as a customer. 1

  • Anonymous

For starters randomly pause YouTube playlists after 5 minutes of playing, LAGGY AND SLOW when connected to high speed internet, the most expensive Android phone i have gotten yet....had to upgrade to unlimited data even though boost mobile looses cell signal in the largest city of sate, phone doesn't properly rotate, bloat ware you can't uninstall, screen will violently shake when on messenger and phone took over 18 hours to se up!

  • JP

Battery doesn't last long never give up a MOTO again

  • lol

nummb, 24 Mar 2021This phone is your worst nightmare !!hahahahaha you are halairious

  • Mel

This is the absolute worst phone I have ever owned. Every 2 months I get a notice that too many files have been created and have to factory reset. I do not get messages from I phones until hours later and the front camera is trash. I am so pissed i let the guy talk me into it when what I wanted was the new LGK51. Will be replacing as soon as I financially can

  • nummb

This phone is your worst nightmare !!

  • AAhh

[deleted post]It dosent have siri. wrong phone buddy

North, 23 Mar 2021I have no idea whats going on, but my phone stopped working... moreIt's actually is a issue with Google system webview and Google Chrome. Go ahead and update one of those apps if not both. Chrome was the one for me and it fixed the problem. It was something on Google's side

  • None

Most Samsung A11 phone are not working

  • North

I have no idea whats going on, but my phone stopped working out of nowhere. Every single app crashes, including google and email and i've had to force stop everything

  • Really

[deleted post]The A11 is a great phone and just to mention, google assistant works great although it dose not come pre installed, it still works great. The keyboard is element and works like a charm. I found have never been any happier with my A11, in fact I wrote this now home thing on my A11

  • Anonymous

While typing text & emails; Symbol or punctuation on screen 2 often are what come in, instead of the letter I typed on screen 1. They are in the same position on the keyboard, but different screens. The longer I type, the worst it gets!🤬

Within a couple days of receiving my FIRST phone I returned it and was given another new A11. Phone 2 does the very same thing.

  • Trucker

This phone is a piece of crap. It is the second one I have owned in 6 months. Had to trade my first 3 month old phone in for this one. It stopped receiving calls on a trip to South Carolina. Now this one is refusing to connect to my blue parrot for calls. Audio connection fine. Started making wanting sound 2 days ago during calls. DONT BUY THIS PHONE!!!!

It's crazy how none of y'all know how to use a phone lmao. This phones awesome. yes it takes 0.6 seconds longer to open one app, and it may stutter sometimes, but other than a midrange processor and a decent enough GPU the phone is really good.

Anonymous, 03 Mar 2021Its a really bad phone for its asking price.It can't g... moreWhat are you talking about? This phone is a solid 8/10. It can handle most games and can handle alot of basic tasks.