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Samsung Galaxy A12

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Brendaleesha, 24 Jan 202410 minutes into my Netflix show the phone shuts off and tel... moreIt's a four year old budget, maybe lower your expectations a bit.

    • K
    • Kool
    • XKy
    • 09 Feb 2024

    I bought this phone when I was low on cash, but it has really turn out very good that I have kept it longer than most phones I have used. Its over three years now and am still enjoying it. And Samsung has really help in the frequent updates of the software. Great phone I would recommend it.

      • E
      • Enock
      • I2x
      • 03 Feb 2024

      This phone in 2024 is a waste of money better save and buy a 04s instead
      The camera is scrap
      But battery is above average it can take me 3days before charging
      Everything is fine only freezes sometimes
      Lags always but u can use it for small tasks like light gaming tiktok WhatsApp nothing more

        Brendaleesha, 24 Jan 202410 minutes into my Netflix show the phone shuts off and tel... moreYou picked the wrong Android bro

          • A
          • Anonymous
          • mqQ
          • 30 Jan 2024

          The worst phone I've had. Used this early 2021. It was extremely laggy, camera quality is worse than my older iPad, and it won't even let me watch a movie without it "overheating" and crashing every 5 minutes. It says its overheating when its at normal temperature. My daughter can't even play Roblox on it. It's so unrealistic its like samsungs sabotaging its phones 🤣

            Brendaleesha, 24 Jan 202410 minutes into my Netflix show the phone shuts off and tel... moreBrightness too high? I've used a phone with p35 and it was hot as hell just from scrolling

              • w
              • who cares
              • gJt
              • 29 Jan 2024

              Brendaleesha, 24 Jan 202410 minutes into my Netflix show the phone shuts off and tel... moreThere's a chance your screen brightness is too high.

                10 minutes into my Netflix show the phone shuts off and tells me it’s overheated! No other apps were open, only Netflix. Camera quality is utter shite unless you have really good lighting, slightly dark scenery and you’re done for. I switched to apple just because of this phone and let me tell you I’m never coming back! This phone has no image-stabilisation so unless you have a tri pod or something to put your phone on, your pictures/videos will be awfully shaky. I tried playing Roblox Piggy with my daughter but it kept crashing and freezing, it was unplayable! My daughter’s experience was buttery smooth and she plays on an iPhone 6s. For some reason this phone has so many problems with connecting to WiFi and mobile service so don’t have an emergency with this phone. When you use flash to take photos, the flash interferes with the cameras resulting in a white blurry blob. The microphone is incredibly bad, you quite literally have to shout for it to pick your voice up, super embarrassing when you’re in public! The buttons are really cheaply made, my power button got stuck in the phone multiple times so i had to pull it out with tweezers. Volume down button fell out 3 months in I got the phone and i’ve lost it so i have to dig my nail in there if i want to decrease volume. Also, if you shake/hit the phone it’ll shut down because the internals are loosely fitted and poorly made.The OS is horrifically laggy and the slowest thing to man kind, opened Tiktok and I managed to do 11 star jumps before it loaded.

                  • T
                  • Thomas
                  • myE
                  • 24 Jan 2024

                  Had this phone for 5 months now, constant freezes and crashes happen every day! Opening Tiktok takes a good 20 seconds. Slow as hell, can’t even handle a simple game like Roblox without it lagging/crashing. Pressing the power button to turn on the device takes 5 seconds for the screen to actually turn on, it’s so slow. It’s obsolete in this modern day and age. I highly discourage getting this phone, please get a more recent one with a better chip as all you’ll be doing all day is waiting for apps to load.

                    • M
                    • Merrill
                    • ter
                    • 23 Jan 2024

                    Does this model has the facility to record calls? If so how can I do it?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • CDu
                      • 09 Jan 2024

                      Anonymous, 08 Jan 2024Did anyone update to the android 13? Should I update or not?Mine works on Android13 perfectly

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                        • Anonymous
                        • CDu
                        • 09 Jan 2024

                        Anonymous, 09 Jan 2024Why does my a12 never allows me to watch a movie, or play g... moreNever happened to me before. Maybe you broke yours?

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                          • Anonymous
                          • r3b
                          • 09 Jan 2024

                          Why does my a12 never allows me to watch a movie, or play games,whenever i start using it to watch something,a notification appears sayin phone is overheating and then it shuts down all the app i am using at the time

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                            • Anonymous
                            • nbX
                            • 08 Jan 2024

                            Did anyone update to the android 13? Should I update or not?

                              • I
                              • Ian
                              • 3Dt
                              • 04 Jan 2024

                              Karen, 01 Jan 2024I've had my phone for almost three make a p... moreMy A12 started to fail at 18 months. Call and data dont work at all or very intermittently and unreliably. Nota network issue. Tried 5 factory resets, safe mode.loads of sim swaps. It is definitely the phone that's faulty. Sent to Samsung 3 times over 2 months and it's got worse if that's possible! They claim they've fixed it as their engineers say so and therefore it's now out of warranty so I can send it in a 4th time but they'll bill me and it still won't work! Never touch Samsung again. Complaints department and customer service are a very sick joke. I've been polite and cooperative all through maybe ranting would work but I doubt it.

                                • K
                                • Karen
                                • Iig
                                • 01 Jan 2024

                                I've had my phone for almost three make a phone call either using phone or through Bluetooth is almost impossible. I keep getting PRIVATE MODE...I'M NOT CONNECTED TO A SERVICE and that is sitting right under a cell tower. I have reset this phone so many times it is ridiculous. I dread if I have an emergency and cannot contact anyone. I do have Tracfone service, but this phone just will not pickup a signal even on an interstate highway...not good. Guessing I just need to ditch this one and go back to my LG problem with LG.

                                  • B
                                  • Bladee
                                  • meq
                                  • 16 Dec 2023

                                  Uh so bad ive had this phone for 3 years and it ran very bad it couldnt even turn on quick it took 5 seconds to make it run and the apps never worked only apk overall this phone is a 3/10 samsung galaxy a 54 is the phone i used recently and it is alot better

                                    • M
                                    • Minu
                                    • ter
                                    • 09 Dec 2023

                                    Anonymous, 29 Nov 2023Why isn't the A12 available as a new purchase anymore?... moreThere's Nokia G42 with 5G support and significantly better build quality with the same design

                                      • M
                                      • Monam
                                      • UUJ
                                      • 08 Dec 2023

                                      Overall good phone but too much adds on this model is much irritating even if I'm using WhatsApp or any other app add will disturb me continuously 😔

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 0BE
                                        • 29 Nov 2023

                                        Why isn't the A12 available as a new purchase anymore? I wanted to buy a 2nd one! Why don't they improve the hardware interior, introduce 5G support, improve the camera and screen but keep the shape, the back and the overall design and release it as the A15 5G?

                                        It would certainly sell better than the crappy and ugly A13 and the A14/A14 5G.

                                        And hope they reintroduce the amazing Teal blue color as shown here!