Samsung Galaxy A12

Samsung Galaxy A12

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  • JayB
  • PGk
  • 02 Dec 2022

very slow even installing essential apps. not good for a backup phone

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    • toto
    • 4Yx
    • 26 Nov 2022

    a125u and a125f are compatible

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      • Boyka
      • mFd
      • 22 Nov 2022

      My last Samsung, 07 Aug 2022I have the A12, it's too slow. I checked the newer A13... moreYour problem is your expecting too much from an ENTRY phone like this one.

        Very Nice Phone.❤️

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          • Brian
          • fu7
          • 18 Nov 2022

          Not a bad phone.......taking screen shots is a bit tricky though.

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            • Anonymous
            • 6TT
            • 16 Nov 2022

            I lag when I close my apps

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              • Anonymous
              • m57
              • 13 Nov 2022

              Not happy as I got an 'upgrade' but this isn't. Phone is slow to take pictures, there is no night mode. WhatsApp I can't access the microphone for video or phone calls. I think I have gone backwards.

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                • Anonymous
                • X5u
                • 13 Nov 2022

                It's not bad

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                  • Baba Rex
                  • r3a
                  • 11 Nov 2022

                  My a12 worked fine for like 6months, after that I started having power button issues. My button stopped working along with my fingerprint sensor, so I currently have to double tap to turn on my screen. Worst part my screen freezes up on me often after the new android 12 update. Gaming on this phone is something else just don't download any multi-player or demanding games bcos you might smash your phone out of frustration. Camera is 5/10 with good lighting, if you're at a dark place just leave your phone in your pocket cos even long exposure won't make much difference. I would recommend this phone if you make only call and watch videos maybe tiktok and all that stuff but if there's more to what you need don't buy.

                    • n
                    • nitropr
                    • Ybg
                    • 08 Nov 2022

                    The Samsung Galaxy A12 is a shit full of many problems

                      Does this still work with the "upgraded" telecom lines in the USA?

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 0Fh
                        • 07 Nov 2022

                        Had this phone since its release. Would never part with it, large screen , great photo quality, sounds good . Love it ....a follow on from a10 I had. A13 no difference I believe, and still holding its value.

                          • B
                          • Blob
                          • JbJ
                          • 06 Nov 2022

                          Very slow phone overall and not-sensitive touchscreen. You have to tap twice on things very often. Sometimes you don't know if tap was registered and slowly processing or tap was not registered at all, which creates very frustrating user experience. Disappointed with Samsung.

                            • J
                            • Job
                            • th2
                            • 31 Oct 2022

                            It is actually a beautiful phone, slick design, cool camera layout, and the storage capacity.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • mFd
                              • 31 Oct 2022

                              Very nice phone

                                • G
                                • Gigabit ethernet
                                • YbC
                                • 30 Oct 2022

                                It is a good phone but the processor is bad I bought it with 6gb ram and 128 GB storage and 30gb was used by the time I installed android 12 Please help me fix this

                                  Its actually upgradable to android 12

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                                    • Nour Edin
                                    • N1E
                                    • 28 Oct 2022

                                    Lulu, 28 Oct 2022Such bad phone storage is very limited even when u delete o... moreThe same thing happened to me it's turned off immediately what's the solution if u know please ?

                                      • L
                                      • Lulu
                                      • kbe
                                      • 28 Oct 2022

                                      Such bad phone storage is very limited even when u delete over 2,000+ pictures. One day the phone didn't want to turn on and it just stopped working had it for 7 months and 2 other friends of mine had the same exact problem with the same phone it's best to stay safe than sorry

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                                        • Taimoor
                                        • XNe
                                        • 27 Oct 2022

                                        Samsung Galaxy A12 is a beast mobile within this price range. I have used it and it didn't disappoint me. Also, check out new Samsung mobile prices in Pakistan.