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Samsung Galaxy A12

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  • User

Galaxy A12 is not the phone you admire it. It is without sensors and slow charging and when moving the page on display makes you disappointmented because the writting gets uncleared. I wouldn't advice any one to get it look for anther one.

  • Anonymous

I loved the phone. Good for gaming, 1-2 day battery under normal use and around 9 hours of nonstop gaming plus 720p video playing capabilities. My only problem is that it cannot play 1080p that well.

  • Anonymous

Smart view plz update

  • my name is not jack

all i gotta say is, i am greatly disappointed in you Samsung, like srsly wat kinda 48mp rear camera is so trash like that? the selfie too..straight up garbage!!

  • Anonymous

samsungisbad, 08 Jan 2022i just need to backup the other reviews saying how bad this... more"This camera is absolutely pathetic." I heard there's a glitch that keeps the phone from using its 13mp main sensor.
Either case, buy a bigger A series, duh.

"and yes, it's slow. samsungs UI is horrible. i'm talking normal javascript will crash your browser slow. using actual apps is a painful experience." My A51 experienced extreme heating, battery drain and slowness under Android 10. I had to update it to 11 to fix the heating and -kinda- the slowness, but the battery still drains somewhat fast.
Anyway, Buy S series.

"the stock screen protector is an oil/sweat magnet. who wants to buy screen protectors + a case for a budget phone?" Third worlders. Duh.

"plastic body bad" Put a case on it.

"the ONLY thing i will give the phone is the battery is decent." Ok.

The phone it really good, battery, past charging.. but no screen share ( screen mirroring ) I find it difficult to cast on smart TV, due to absence of screen share like other android devices

  • Guy with an a12

!Do not buy this phone!
They should take it off the shelf.
From the box no apps at all the processing speed is so slow and tedious. The typing is horrible it lags and skips and they turned down the process for the newer phones trust me the hardware itself is horrible the front plate has opened up near the volume and power button. I've had this phone for like 2 months and it drives me to jump off a bridge. Nokia brick phone is better than this. Please do not torture yourself and live in a dark realm of stress and anxiety. Just go do research on other phones

My friend's S9 got cracked, so his dad said he could only get a phone the same price as the screen repair ($200), and he said he was going to get A12. 🀣Yes, I told him he was better off keeping his cracked S9.

carla, 12 Jan 2022please some help A12 or xiaomi Redmi Note 10 lite ??? I would say Redmi Note 10 Lite, as it has a vastly more powerful chipset, a bit faster charging, a water repellent coating, gorilla glass on both sides, 4k recording and 1080p screen over 720p in A12. For a slightly higher price.

Brian, 08 Jan 2022A phone as new as this, and it does not support 802.11 n/ac... moreYou have Sony Xperia XA2? Nice. I have XA1. May I ask you how is the camera.

  • M KID

Am about to get the phone and I know I will probably have a good time with it thank u Samsung one day I will sponsor U Samsung

  • Alexander

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2022just buy.. i dont lik3 the camera. i buy because read fake ... moreGuy don't allow anyone to deceive you the Samsung camera is good, it is better than other phones that are using the same mega pixels of this phone

  • Sebstin

Why sammy makes such big phones with less PPI?. Why not make compact phones with such low ppi..!!?

  • MK

An avid Xiaomi redmi user before, I have my redmi 9t and it is now deadboot for almost 1 week. i have my redmi 8 before so slow so I switched to samsung again. I am a user of samsung A30 but need to sell it (2019) because I resigned on my work. Now I bought this A12 (yesterday) I hope I will again experience good on samsung... I love samsung though its pricey but unlike xiaomi yes its cheaper but I always got some issues. I am not a gamer just a simple user and xiaomi dissapoints me alot.

  • Anonymous

colom1, 13 Jan 2022No Gyroscope, bummer...Ikr πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ’”

carla, 12 Jan 2022please some help A12 or xiaomi Redmi Note 10 lite ??? Redmi definitely.

  • Anonymous

just buy.. i dont lik3 the camera. i buy because read fake review .. tell camera is good..lucky this.. present for my friend..hope my friend happy

  • colom1

No Gyroscope, bummer...

I recently bought my A12 64gb 7F model it's super cool
I'm surprised that 7f has an exynos 850 chilpset unlike 5f which has mediatek p 35
It serves me well

  • Surpriced camera man

Photo quality of this phone surprised me. I bought it as a secound device but its wide lens takes better photos than my premier.
Battery life is amazing too.