Samsung Galaxy A12

Samsung Galaxy A12

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  • Anonymous

Very good phome i go for samsung forever ❤❤❤❤keep up the good work

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2021Don't think to buy this ever. Network quality is so low.😥100000% true
.me too suffering with this issue

  • Andre

HAC, 22 Sep 2021Qualcomm Snapdragon 665Whut? "MediaTek Helio P35 has a antutu benchmark score of 99120 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 has antutu score of 177490." On the other hand, "MediaTek Helio P35 has a antutu benchmark score of 99120 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 has antutu score of 97784."

  • HAC

IamfromPhil, 20 Sep 2021What variant of Snapdragon is equivalent to Helio P35? Qualcomm Snapdragon 665

  • IamfromPhil

What variant of Snapdragon is equivalent to Helio P35?

  • Anonymous

Don't think to buy this ever. Network quality is so low.😥

  • Stefan

as for this phone i am happy with it the camera is great only its selfie is a bit bad but it is ok the battery is powerful the chipset is solid the photos are great in the default 12mp photos so satisfied i got it android 11 and those in and 3.1 fantastic phone

  • Anju

Don't buy this phone poor camera quality poor signals

  • Ekwi

Don't ever think of buying this phone not to think of buying it! But if you do, your first ugly surprise will be the cheap plastic back not to talk of the slow and dead hardware inside them. Samsung phone is good but A and M series are not worth it

  • Anonymous

Not good for pubg player.

  • Amir Miraki

My nokia 6.1 sucks its just too slow and the camera is trash and might be hacked so if i was to get this phone i would get the 4Gb ram and 128gb storage version

We Bought the 64/4 version for my father for 145 $. He doesn't play game obviously so It was a very good deal I believe. battery is fantastic! camera is good enough and performance is smooth. The only problem is the weight considering that his last phone was 146 g.

  • Anonymous

I just got this phone a month ago. It’s alright but it’s kinda laggy. The camera’s literally crap but the battery life is very good.don’t recommend buying it.

  • Anonymous

Eric, 10 Sep 2021Phone doesn't have offline music appYou need to download it yourself, its called Samsung Music, its in the play store

  • Umairizm

Waste of money, hang when incoming call

  • Steve

Piece of junk. I’m rarely able to use the phone or send/receive a text. As far as the internet goes…I don’t know why the app is is even on the phone. I know what some of you are thinking…it’s your carrier. Wrong! Most times my wife and I are sitting together in the same room. She has a signal, nothing for me. I will mention that she has an iPhone. I was bound to get away from them though I can’t remember why. I bought this as brand new, old stock. Stay away at all costs!

  • Eric

Phone doesn't have offline music app

I bought an A12 recently for £15. It needed a screen replacement but now it's a perfectly usable phone. I have the 4+64GB dual SIM version. Not the quickest phone around but it still runs most apps and games well enough. Battery life is insane (~8-12 hours on Twitch) and the screen looks surprisingly good for a 720p LCD. If you have a tight budget, this could be a good phone to buy secondhand, even if it's not quite £200 good.

  • GavMin

I like the feel of the phone.
What I do not like is that the sound is sometimes just soft.
When I lower the media volume while watching YouTube for example, my ring volume lowers too.
Sometimes have an issue when calling someone or someone calls me...the screen goes dark after few seconds and does not light up again for me to either end the call or to push a number when prompted to do so. Does not matter what I press, the phone screen is then just black. Later on it comes on again.

  • Anonymous

Lea, 29 Aug 2021Hello im 12 and im thinking of buying this phone i dont wan... moreThe camera isn't the best quality and it isn't great for gaming either if you are a high specs and quality gamer
I can even get it pass the low quality of cod or it hangs
You can go for the a12 nacho which has a better processor if you want a phone in thus price range
Or better still buy an a32