Samsung Galaxy A21

Samsung Galaxy A21

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  • 7x9
  • 24 Feb 2024

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2023Upgraded to what gig for storage and memory?Heard it takes a while to charge

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    • Anonymous
    • xGF
    • 02 Nov 2023

    Upgraded to what gig for storage and memory?

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      • zippy
      • IDr
      • 28 Sep 2023

      i understand that this phone is not compatible with HDMI hook up with some cables to your TV, apparently you need a special HDMI cable to hook up to a regular tv

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        • Anonymous
        • xjH
        • 19 Aug 2023

        Scott Dunn, 17 Feb 2023Good thing about this phone is it gets android 12 it’s a ni... moreYou are right

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          • GregSpegal
          • IbE
          • 03 Jun 2023

          Scott Dunn, 17 Feb 2023Good thing about this phone is it gets android 12 it’s a ni... moreI agree
          I had one of these and my only concern was that it took almost a year to update to android 11 and it didn't have a oled screen like its predecessor. . It had decent camera and nfc though.

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            • Jayvion
            • CaF
            • 21 Mar 2023

            It's great for gaming for fortnite and it has a good screen for a phone i had the C5L Max and i upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy A21 Great Phone😃😃

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              • Scott Dunn
              • k@A
              • 17 Feb 2023

              Good thing about this phone is it gets android 12 it’s a nice phone people need to stop complaining about a budget phone it’s called a budget phone for a reason if they added better specs they would need to raise the price then it wouldn’t be a budget phone

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                • Evelyn
                • CGH
                • 26 Nov 2022

                My Samsung A21 is carrier locked

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                  • Blu
                  • Y6b
                  • 11 Nov 2022

                  Pissed, 21 Sep 2021This phone is mediocre at best. It does have a large screen... more.ine just installed system update 12 and so far no complaints with it. Everything works as it should

                    Does this still work with the "upgraded" telecom lines in the USA?

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                      • Sajid
                      • uZa
                      • 10 Oct 2022

                      My galaxy a21 is country lock please help

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                        • Mark J
                        • YfI
                        • 02 Apr 2022

                        Kansasmom, 28 Mar 2021Better than the Iphone. Im sure it easedrops just as well ,... moreLOL! I remember thinking exactly the same thing back in the '90s when the internet was first getting popular. They get to eavesdrop AND get us to PAY(!!!) for the privilege!

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                          • bustacrimes
                          • 0TG
                          • 17 Mar 2022

                          edtlinds, 17 Mar 2022my phone changed the time today and the date to 6 hours ear... moreput it in a jar of rice

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                            • edtlinds
                            • YgC
                            • 17 Mar 2022

                            my phone changed the time today and the date to 6 hours earlier and it now reads october 28
                            bit is March 16? any ideas? I've shut it down 3 times and nothing...

                              ACE1985MW , 07 Nov 2021I have the galaxy a21. Sure the screen could be a little be... moreI also had the same "you used quick launch" messsge appesring for more than the first time.
                              Is really annoying and have to keep pressing ok to use the camera. 🤦‍♂️

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                                • revwildo
                                • Ik{
                                • 28 Nov 2021

                                I agree with the poster who was complaining about not being able to transfer files to the SD card. I bought a new 32GB card to go with the phone when I got it, which turned out to be a total waste. Internal storage is crammed full but I've got 20GB to spare on my SD card.

                                I really don't like when I use the quick launch feature for my camera and it pops up a dialog box stating: "You just used quick launch to open your camera" and if you don't hit the "OK" button within 3 seconds it will quick close your camera. I don't know if my device is faulty or if it's something common to this model, but my screen responsiveness is abominable. I've pressed "OK" 5 times and still had my camera close, reopened it and the same thing happened, and when I finally got it on the third try right before it would have closed, it didn't matter because it took too long and there was no longer a picture worth capturing. Also, when texting I get the letter adjacent to the one I pressed instead of the one I want at least once PER WORD on average. Would not recommend.

                                  This phone is already good for its price range, stop complaining as this is a budget phone.

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                                    • ACE1985MW
                                    • 8bm
                                    • 07 Nov 2021

                                    I have the galaxy a21. Sure the screen could be a little better. But for 100 dollars what do you expect. These are called budget phones for a reason. This phone does what I want it to do. I have never had any issues with it. It plays games really well. The phones moves pretty quick as well. My only complaint is the memory. 32gb don't get you to far. But overall I have suggested this phone to several people. And I will continue it.

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                                      • bruno
                                      • Na@
                                      • 25 Oct 2021

                                      John NZ, 16 Oct 2021Rubbish ultra slow . Don't buy unless you are desperate thats absolutely true,phone is slow and its display quality is not up to par.

                                      dont buy, do your own research first

                                        • J
                                        • John NZ
                                        • UFJ
                                        • 16 Oct 2021

                                        Rubbish ultra slow . Don't buy unless you are desperate