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Recently got this phone, seems pretty good so far. I would recommend getting a old flagship if you don't care about having low battery life (since they would be either used or refurbished)
But since i wanted a new phone i got this thing, runs OneUI core and the Notes app won't update to the new version. It runs on the old one with my old format notes sadly. 32GB isn't enough so also get a MicroSD card to save your medias. But the screen is large and for being 720p it doesn't look blurry at all... i though it would look bad but maybe is because i expected it to look like Low resoultion OLED's which this one isn't. My exact model got manufactured in Feb 2021 so i expect the battery to last good. 3GB of ram is good enough for basic tasks nowadays, but that CPU is slow. It can't play 1080p videos smoothly on YouTube. Specially when using Picture in Picture.

The Samsung A21 has a manual for it that can be accessed in the phone. I for one think this is a great idea as it saves trees. Also for the simple fact that most people didn't even open the manuals that came with older phones so there's absolutely no need to include a manual in the packaging. Keep up the good work Samsung but if there was one option i would like to see put back on the newer mid priced Samsung A21 and from what i read, other newer Samsung mid priced phones is the "Smart Share" TV mirroring application. This single application has to be one of best and most used applications on Samsung phones but was taken away and replaced with the "Smart Things" application yet my Samsung A21 US version says that the "Smart Things" application isn't available on my device and therefore cannot be downloaded and used.. Why is this!? Without this option being available I'm sad to say this will probably be the last Samsung phone i intend to buy strictly because they took away "Smart View" and replaced it with "Smart Things" which for some reason isn't available for this mid priced A21. I've got my fingers crossed that an update will bring "Smart View" back to ask Samsung phones since I've had it in the last four Samsung phones I've bought and used for years at a time. Keep up the good work and please, please, please add "Smart View" back as an option in the next update. Thanks for your time and dinners crossed you heed my opinion about the "Smart View" option and start to include it again. I've read so many negative reviews about this same thing so please add this option in a future update. Thx

  • Anonymous

Donna, 20 May 2021My cousin just bought this phone and when I try to call her... moreSlide the green button to the right.

  • Anonymous

swipe the green button

  • Your Answer

Anonymous, 20 May 2021this is aggravating to buy a phone with zero instructions. ... moreHello, could you try calling the number 101 for voicemail setup. Please search up your provider and how to setup, most of the time you should be able to call 101.

  • Donna

My cousin just bought this phone and when I try to call her she can't pick up the call. She tries the phone green button but it cuts her off. How do you answer this phone?

  • Anonymous

this is aggravating to buy a phone with zero instructions. does anyone know how the hell to set up voice mail on this thing?

  • Nies

I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! I can't believe I spent money for this phone. It's not even a month I got this phone and it's already saying that I'm out of internal storage?? The phone has 32GB, but it's already out of storage? I don't even have that many pictures, documents, or apps downloaded, so how come I'm running out of storage? I inserted an SD card to free up some space by trying to move some of the apps from internal storage to SD card, but there is NO option to move any of the apps from internal storage to SD card. Like are you for real??? So, basically you are telling me that there is no way I can move any of the apps to my SD card and free up space. Then, what was the point of this company to create this Galaxy A21?? All the other phones I used never had a problem like this. I was able to move apps to SD card and there was no storage problem. Now, I wasted my money and I have to change my phone. I'm VERY VERY DISPLEASED with this developer's new phone!!! The only solution the company can do is fix this problem by giving an option for the phone to move apps from internal to SD card storage. It's not just me who is dissatisfied and irritated with this issue, but a LOT of your customers are.

  • Godzilla Phone

Today i leaned that this samsung A21 haa a way less resolution than old 2016 lg v20.. I couldn't believe it. Well, its a budget phone.

  • Fas

Samsung Nowadays!
Pay more
Get less

  • Nicolaus Nom

Kansasmom, 28 Mar 2021Better than the Iphone. Im sure it easedrops just as well ,... moreAnd no one seems to care.... yet... but they will... oh, they will care lots.... mwah hah hah hah haaaaa

Miggy, 17 Mar 2021what do you recommend then Well Samsung is a brand where you pay for a brand name thats not a great deal.
Same device by any other chinese manufacturer would cost less or much less.
Choice is up to you of course.

Guys did you know there's other version of A21
Its Called A21 Ntt Docomo
A21 (SC-42A) This A21 Is Very Different Because the specs is far different
Specs :
5.8 TFT Display HD+
13MP Main
5MP Selfie
IP65 (water and dust proof)
64/3 Storage
Chipset Unkown
New Price ¥12,100 ($109,73)
Used Price ¥5,000 ($45,34)

  • Ran2theDel

its a device simulator relay to a recieviving sec com. interface app exchangeable. nice hack system if i do say so my self. even sandbox and peremeter expandable for device jump/duplication using some nai like program. very slick

  • Kansasmom

Better than the Iphone. Im sure it easedrops just as well , it is simply more discrete about it. If you know anything about Watergate you might think wow! They made it legal to put a bug in everybodys house, car and hip pocket! Then we pay for it and complain about the camera. Whats this world coming to?

  • Lois

Omg this camera is crap............. wth

  • Anonymous

Lillemann, 20 Mar 2021I cant use this to measure my pp. The phone is too small!!!... moreWhat the hell is your PP

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Feb 2021samsung phone are not reliable to use .. once it falls you ... moreJust don't drop your phone

  • Lillemann

I cant use this to measure my pp. The phone is too small!!! >:(

  • yes

a21, 09 Mar 2021not water resistant yes