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Anonymous, 18 May 2020Samsung: Rumours to launch A21 Also Samsung: Already launc... moreThey haven't

  • Anonymous

Samsung: Rumours to launch A21
Also Samsung: Already launched A21s.


  • luk

wait what chip did they put in there

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 May 2020When it will launch in Pakistan..??It hasn't even launched in the US so idk

  • Anonymous

When it will launch in Pakistan..??

  • Nura Muntari Umar

Isaam Ali, 02 May 2020Prices in the US or Europe tend to be expensive compared to... moresurely I ambitious this phone GalaxyA21

keshna, 24 Apr 2020this fake pricePrices in the US or Europe tend to be expensive compared to other places. I guess it is because of taxes.
Foe example In the US, S20 Ultra 5g: 1400 USD
In my Country: 1225 USD

RishiGuru, 16 Apr 2020To me it was Helios P60 on 2018, that bought Mediatek back ... moreHmm interesting. Thanks for the info.

Only a few things that stand out as disappointing too me, 1 is the screen no upgrade in quality from the A20? Listed in the specs it says 32GB starting number, are we really starting that low? 32GB seems very low starting storage point nowadays. Most phones in this price range start with at least 64GB. And it also looks like it's not 2x2 wifi, at least the spec page here says it isn't which really sucks if that's not the case, 5ghz is a must today.

I know this is early specs, so once it gets updated I sure hope the things I'm disappointed about are not the final spec.

  • keshna

Arie Prihady, 18 Apr 2020the price is almost the same as the A51 I bought a Samsu... morethis fake price

the price is almost the same as the A51

I bought a Samsung A51 Rp.4,200,000(€ 252)

  • Arie Prihady

the price is almost the same as the A51

I bought a Samsung A51 Rp.4,200,000( € 252 )

  • Arie

the price is almost the same as the A51

  • dmitry456

This phone is bad, 250$??? for what?... Look at M21 specs and price of 160$...i don't understand why M21 is not global it's only in India available,

NeonHD, 15 Apr 2020HAHAHA, you are the one who seems to be utterly oblivious o... moreTo me it was Helios P60 on 2018, that bought Mediatek back to track and on par with Qualcomm for the first time ever. I generally divide SoC performance into three distinct parts:

1) CPU performance
2) GPU performance
3) Manufacturing process

In 2018, price-wise Oppo F7 & Realme 1 armed with P60 directly pitted against Redmi Note 5 Pro & Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 sporting Snapdragon 636. It was the first time Mediatek truly won over Snapdragon counterparts.

Realme 1 was selling like hot cross buns in our country and was considered the mid-range gaming beast. Not only was P60 slight faster be it CPU or GPU than SD636 but it was also built on a more efficient 12nm manufacturing process when Qualcomm was using 14nm in its SD636 resulting in less power draw and less heat.

P60 laid the foundation and all its successors be it P65, G70, P90 till G90T used the same 12nm fab process. The G90T is no doubt a great SoC performance wise but efficiency wise in 2019 it has lost the war. We now have Snapdragon 730G equaling performance of G90T but built on much efficient 8nm process.

So in my eyes P60 was the real winner from Mediatek, not the G90T.

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2020Mediatek is better than exynosGenerally you are wrong. Mediatek SoCs have always been weak from the very start, especially in their GPU. Sure, the G90T is an exception, but you can't ignore the history of every other mediatek chip. Exynos processors have always had a good reputation until around 2018.

Alb, 09 Apr 2020G90T is a cheap beast, not no mention dimensity 1000, that ... moreHAHAHA, you are the one who seems to be utterly oblivious of the history of mediatek processors.

Mediatek has always sucked. From their Helios X10 to the P10 to the X20, it's all bad and offers poor to mediocre performance compared to both Exynos and Snapdragon.

BUT, I have to say the G90T is exceptionally good and is probably MTK's first and only chipset that actually performs great. However, I am not talking about mediatek's current offerings, I'm talking about mediatek's ENTIRE history of chips. If we were having this conversation before the G90T was released, you'd probably say mediatek sucks.

How ironic, considering that everyone used to make fun of mediatek processors years ago.

  • Anonymous

Sb4578, 11 Apr 2020I think they used Mediatek helio p35 The first leak showed Helio P35, but then gsmarena removed it and now we don't know the processor. But I don't want an Exynos 7904 or something in there

  • Sb4578

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2020I really hope we get the G90T, but I doubt it. I think they used Mediatek helio p35

  • Anonymous

JIL, 09 Apr 2020250 euros for 32 GB must be an error...Here in Thailand Opp... moreI just looked at the specs for the A31 and they're so much better than the A21... I'm disappointed, especially because this is the official specs according to Samsung